Things I Did In 2014

10 January 2015

We're now 10 days into 2015, but I finally feel that I have done my reflecting on last year. I don't think that anyone can ever have a perfect year. To have a perfect year, you would need to have 365 days of total bliss where nothing ever goes wrong, and I think that's pretty impossible. However, I believe in counting your blessings, and always appreciating everything you have. Which is why for me, 2014 was a rather wonderful year. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't perfect. But my did I have some fun. The Christmas/New Year period for me was a really reflective time. I spent a lot of time considering life decisions, thinking about the people that mean the most and made sure that I thought about what is important to me. And whilst thinking about everything, I realised how lucky I was. So here's a couple of highlights from my 2014 and of course, some photos for your perusal - good and bad, they are certainly highlights.

- Seeing in 2014 chundering into a toilet with one of my best friends in the world and managing to eat half a chicken nugget at McDonalds at 10pm that evening. The hashtag #PrayForTamsin was real.
- Teaching Gemma to flip pancakes on Shrove Tuesday
- Moving into our new apartment in a beautiful part of Weybridge
- Chatting to Scott Mills on Radio 1 about 'irrational strops'
- Giving up Diet Coke for Lent and proving everyone wrong!
- Celebrating my 24th birthday at Alton Towers
- Having a pint in the local with Eamonn Holmes
- Seeing McBusted in concert in Cardiff, just because I could
- Having a holiday in Rome with Brogan
- Watching the final day of Royal Ascot from the Royal Enclosure
- Going to Mass at the Vatican
- Going camping for the first time in The New Forest and absolutely loving it
- Acting as tour guide in London to my friends and realising how lucky I am to have grown up in an amazing city
- Performing as Baby Spice in a Spice Girls mock-up video
- ...and then meeting Geri Halliwell the week after and spending the day with her
- Moving jobs and starting a new career adventure as a manager
- Singing at Steph's wedding
- Meeting someone who changed my life for the better
- Staying at the Disneyland Hotel..a total dream come true
- Getting thrown out of the St Pancras hotel for hijacking their piano and singing Taylor Swift
- Dressing up as Queen Elsa on New Years Eve

My mantra for 2015 is to 'go with my gut'. That doesn't mean that I have to do something instantly and impulsively, but it means I need to listen to what my senses are telling me more.

So far, it seems to be working.

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