'Me Time' January

15 January 2015

I don't really do resolutions in the New Year. I agree that New Year is a good time to start something new or reinvent yourself, but I'm one of these people who thinks that there's no reason you can't do that on any day during the year. Why wait till 1st January? Be unstoppable now. However, I have decided to make my January the month of 'me time'. Not a resolution per se, but more of a way of the month. Not only that, it means I focus on turning one of the most (statistically) depressing months of the year, into a month that's reflective and positive.

Firstly, I've been treating myself more when it comes to beauty. I'm lucky enough to have a beauty therapist for a mum, but I really wanted to find a local salon that I could visit for treatments. There's nothing quite like visiting your fav therapist and chatting about your whole life. I visited The Little Parlour last week and I've definitely found my local boutique salon of choice. Jo (who is utterly wonderful) did some gorgeous shellac nails for me ready for my work party, and we discussed life, relationships and music. The salon itself is lovely too, and has a real girly, shabby chic vibe about it. It's homey and almost like your living room. Perfect. I've already booked in for other treatments.

Secondly, I've been organising things that I really want to do. Like really, really.

So I booked two holidays in the space of four days. I KNOW. Calm the hell down Tamsin. But January is 'me time' month and I need things to work for and look forward to. So I've booked two holidays. So where am I off to? I'm headed to do some skiing in less than 8 weeks time which I can't wait for, as I've been skiing all my life, usually going 3 or 4 times a year but I didn't manage to get away last year as work was so busy. But never fear...in 50 days time, I will be on those slopes in my usual resort of Avoriaz.

The other holiday is...Orlando. Yep. It's finally booked. 2 weeks in the place of dreams..Walt Disney World, and I'm SO excited to be heading back. We're staying in the Disney Old Key West resort this time which I'm very much looking forward to. You that feeling where you just can't contain yourself? Yer....that. So there will most definitely, probably, 100% be lots of Disney posts to follow this year.

Finally, I've been trying to shut off technology more, as challenged by Endsleigh. We can all be too engulfed by our phones, TVs, laptops etc and it really does help to put the technology away for a few hours and do something else instead. I've been taking Max for extra long walks, having long baths and curling up in bed with a book - I'm currently reading Gone Girl which I'm loving. There's nothing quite like it and it makes you realise how much we focus on our gadgets when to be honest, it's all about a glass of wine and chatting with someone special.

Go on..have a go. Have a 'me time' January and focus on you. I dare you.

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