It's the little things

10 December 2014

Sometimes, in the middle of our busy lives, we just need to take a step back and appreciate the little things in life. It's easy to forget what is right in front of us, and sometimes the smallest, tiniest things that you think don't matter, actually do. They make a huge difference to our well being and morale and without them, we'd all be different people.

Maybe just something to think about.

001. Sitting down and playing the piano. Nothing drifts me away into my own little world more.

002. Seeing a beautiful frost outside and watching the winter sun rise.

003. Max sleeping with his head on my shoulder - the most unconditional love in the world is from a pet.

004. Using Disney hand wash and not even caring if guests judge you and your bathroom because of it.

005. A phone call from your best friend.

006. Eating Clarence Court blue eggs because they're just so pretty.

007. A cup of tea. At any time of the day.

008. Sitting down and reading a really good book.

009. Wearing socks with your favourite animal on.

010. Snuggling in bed and not having to set an alarm for the next day.

It's the little things that matter.

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Winter Problems

4 December 2014

I love Winter. Truly, I do. It's probably my favourite season of the whole year, just because it comes with so many wonderful features. The festivities, cuddling up on the sofa, the Christmas lights, knowing it's cold on the outside of the duvet when you're warm under it.... However, I was getting out of bed the other day and my feet nearly froze as they touched the floor...I may as well have French plaited my hair, changed my name to Elsa and started singing 'Let It Go' it was so cold. So I jotted down a few problems that you find with Winter, despite loving the season.

Lots are to do with the cold. Did I mention that I don't enjoy being cold? Unlike Elsa, the cold does bother me anyway.


001. Struggling to fall asleep at night because it's so cold...

002. .....and then struggling to wake up because you've finally got warm and it feels like the Antarctic outside your duvet.

003. Regretting having that extra 10 minutes in bed, as you didn't prepare to find ice on your car windscreen and now you're going to be late for work. Massive fail.

004. Looking out of the window and thinking 'it's about 9pm..time for bed?' Maybe not as it's only FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON. Why so dark?!?!

005. Not being able to wear your onesie to work. I'm sorry, but they keep me warm so I should be allowed.

006. Needing to go to the loo, but having to mentally prepare yourself because the toilet seat is like an ice block.

007. Sneezing so hard that you almost split your lip. Where is the lip balm please?!

008. Having to physically sit next to the radiator to try and get warm, but then risk burning a layer of skin off - a risk we have all taken.

009. Forcing your animals to lie next to you to act as a 'furry hot water bottle'. Don't does the job very well.

010. Being unable to find a hair style that can withstand the rain, wind and cold and look good without feeling like straw. Ponytail it is then. For the 12th day running.

And with that my friends, I'm going to wrap up very warm before heading out to work this morning!

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