Things To Remember

18 November 2014

I had a rubbish day yesterday. It didn't help that it was Monday, and all I kept thinking was that the Boomtown Rats were right. I don't like Mondays. However, that's not like me. I'm usually a little ray of positivity and happiness and I don't like not feeling like myself. A quick text to my best friend, and after work finished I was over at her house drinking prosecco and eating glitter coated cupcakes. It's amazing how your friends can instantly make things a little clearer.

Gemma and I have been best friends since university, so after 6 years of friendship, she knows me pretty well. We were chatting last night about various things, and I think sometimes in the hustle and bustle of life, it's very easy to forget certain things, such as having all important 'me' time and keeping a balance with work and life. So when I got home last night, I made a list of the things that I need to remember on a daily basis, but especially when you're having a rough day:

001. Work to make a living - don't live to work. Make sure you have that balance between work and your own time. Life is too short to spend the whole time working and we all need our time to do the things we want to do.

002. Be a warrior, not a worrier. Worrying doesn't make anything just sits there and mulls with you and can make you feel worse. Just aim for happiness, and the rest will fall into place. (I'm trying to work on this one!)

003. Keep a clear head. For me, I do this by going to the gym, walking Max, playing the piano or singing, having a bubble bath etc. Find the things that help your mind relax a little.

004. Never let anyone dull your sparkle. By this, I mean always stay true to yourself. Never let something or someone change you and what you're about.

005. Give things some time. We can't make rational decisions on the spot or without giving things some thought. Just carry on doing what you're doing and re-evaluate when needed. And when you do, sit down and talk it over.

I've written all of these things down and am going to have this list on me, just so that I can remind myself that it's fine to have a wobble occasionally and you don't always need to be strong 24 hours a day. And when things do get tough, just call your friends and have a chat. There's no better solution really...oh and that includes laughing at Jimmy Bullard doing his bush tucker trial on I'm a Celeb last night - I felt much better after watching that... ;)

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  1. Amen to all of this! I need to definately take note of being a warrior!

  2. Love you!! :) Definitely need to remind myself not to be a worrier!xx

  3. Ahh just seen this! Everyone has their down days and it's so important to have friends to pick us back up again and remind us of who we are. Love you loads xxx


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