Poorly Happy

30 November 2014

You know when you make loads of plans and it all goes out of the window? That.

After a day of Christmas shopping yesterday, I was plagued by a sickness bug yesterday evening and have been feeling sorry for myself today, mainly involving lying in bed, watching films and sipping water. To cheer myself up, I thought I'd make myself a happy list, of all the little things that have made me smile this weekend.

001. Putting up the Christmas tree - I'm ready for all the Scrooge's to tell me that I've put the tree up too early, but did you all realise that there's only three more Thursdays before Christmas Day? Exactly. Get that tree up now and enjoy it!

002. Smoothies - I had a peach smoothie yesterday whilst shopping and it was gorgeously refreshing.

003. About A Boy - Before the dreaded illness started, I was watching the classic film with Hugh Grant and forgot how much I enjoyed it.

004. England beating Australia in the rugby - that keeps all the men in the family happy.

005. Hearing my name on the radio - I'm in a concert next week with Gemma, and BBC Radio 2 mentioned us. It makes me even more excited to perform again!

006. Decorations everywhere - It's feeling truly festive now, and a personal favourite of mine is supermarkets dolling up their exterior with lights. It makes even the most boring of food shops fun again.

007. Fresh bed linen - is there anything that beats fresh bed linen?

008. Friends - honestly, I do not know where I would be without some of my friends. I'm a very lucky girl.

009. Disneyland Paris - it's two weeks till were off on our annual trip to the castle across the pond, and I cannot wait.

010. Post - I had to pick up 4 parcels from the post office yesterday. It's always nice receiving something through the letter box.

So that's 10 things that have made me smile. I think the plan for the rest of this Sunday is a hot bath, more sipping of water and an early night. I'm not sure if I can face work tomorrow but we will have to see how I feel in the morning. Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday more than me!

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  1. Lovely post! The tree looks amazing, and I am so excited for you for DLP. I am in need of going again, I'd love to see the Christmas decorations too.
    I think it's very good of you to look on the bright sad, especially when you're not feeling good. It's good to be positive! xx


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