Spring Walks

9 March 2014

I had forgotten how hard moving house was. Yes it's true, I'm moving house..again. And I'm very excited about it. It's just the packing and the organising which isn't so fun. We had our last sleep in this house last night and we move out today. Right now, we're sitting in our onesies catching up with the Paralympics (which is obviously really productive) but we'll get our skates on soon enough. Yesterday, in between all the packing boredom, we decided to appreciate the gorgeous weather we've been having.

Where did all this nice weather come from?
Have the rain clouds finally left us alone after the wettest and most floodworthy Winter on Earth?
Can I put my wellies away now?
And coats?
And scarfs?
And hats?

Who knows..time will tell, but I do hear on the grapevine that we're meant to have nice weather at around 16 degrees all week.

IMG_8613-001 IMG_8619-001

IMG_8629-001 IMG_8630-001 IMG_8634-001 IMG_8644-001 IMG_8645-001 IMG_8650-001

We popped over to a local park to throw Max a ball so he could burn some energy. On the way, we stopped off and entered him in a pet photo competition and the photographer was very impressed with him. Could Max be Jack Russell's Next Top Model? We will see. The sun is still low and was in our eyes constantly, but we didn't care because it was so nice to actually feel some heat. Even Max was in shock by the sun and found the running and jumping for the ball quite hot and tiring. Jonathan found a climbing wall and was pretty happy too. It's like taking a child out sometimes. We meandered around the park and by the river, and then made our way back to the car to head back and do more packing.

Lets hope the weather stays - who knows, I may actually have to wear sunglasses this week to drive to work. Hashtag shock horror! By the end of today, we will have moved out of this house and will be moving into our new one in two weeks or so. I'm excited for the new adventure to begin.

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  1. So jealous! It was pretty chilly up here in the North East today, we went for a walk to try and find some sun but it didn't happen :( Heading to Norfolk at the weekend to visit my folks so really hoping I get to see it then! x

  2. Aw, such a lovely post. Max looks just bloody gorgeous and is enjoying the sunshine by the look of it.
    Sending you lots of luck and love on the move, can I see this place please? We need a catch up soon!!!! xx

  3. Max is adorable! Bucket loads of luck and goodwill for the move, hope you're all really settled and happy in the new place xo

  4. hope it stays sunny as well, so nice isn't it? Great pics, good luck with the move x


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