Pancake Day

5 March 2014

I think for the last 3 years, Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as I call it) has come and gone without me noticing it. I've always been too busy or out with work. This year, I vowed it would be different.

IMG_8569-001 IMG_8570-001 IMG_8577-001

Gemma and I decided to get together to make some fluffy American pancakes. For Gem, this was a whole new experience as she'd never eaten an American pancake before..something I couldn't really get my head around. I wanted to prove to her that they were the best type of pancakes. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad with an English pancake..I'm just more partial to the fluffy American kind (preferably with bacon and maple syrup please and thank you.) Despite me loving these cakes of goodness, I maybe only make pancakes about twice a year, if that. They're a bit of a luxury in my opinion and I like having them on special occasions like birthdays or for a family reunion brunch. Seeing as I hadn't eaten pancakes for about 7 months, I was pretty much drooling by the time we started cooking them.

IMG_8580-001 IMG_8589-001 IMG_8591-001 IMG_8598-001

With the dogs swirling around our legs, we attempted 'the flip' - something that I found myself to be pretty damn enjoyable. There's nothing like a victory dance after a successful pancake flip. And nothing better than eating them after. We found that preparing yourself for 'the flip' in a Jonny Wilkinson rugby kick type pose was the best way to organise yourself.

Is anyone giving up anything for Lent? I will be attempting to give up Diet Coke - something I'm pretty terrified about as I'm a bit of a DC addict. I've warned all of my friends, family and colleagues that tantrums and withdrawal symptoms may follow. Eek. You can watch our vlog of the pancake flipping bonanza below. Remember to subscribe for more - that always makes me happy.


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  1. They look so so yummy :)

  2. Your pancakes look so much better than mine did!

  3. oooo american pancakes are so much nicer than regular pancakes... my friends mum used to make them and they were gorgeous!!! with lots of maple syrup... can't beat it!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. I'm giving up diet coke too - we can keep each other strong haha!

  5. I like American pancakes, but I love the British crepe-like pancake, you know with nutella and banana and peanut butter. Yum! Gotta love a bit of golden syrup though, I wish we could get it more easily over here in Spain. Check out my Spanish pancake day celebrations (if you would like!). Kisses from Marbella x

  6. I love that your cooking of pancakes is accompanied by a glass of wine (all the best cooking is).

  7. I'm definitely an American pancake girl too. Such good tossing skills too! I just do a measly flip around to salvage the pancake from hitting the floor ;)

  8. Ooh they do look very good! I love those type of pancakes- I've never tried them with bacon and the proper maple syrup (in the supermarket, genuine Canadian maple syrup is extremely expensive haha) but I imagine they taste amazing!x

  9. Being from the America, I love that you call them American pancakes :)
    The fluffiness is from baking soda...if you add a pinch more (or 1/4 tsp) they'll get even fluffier!! My kids love them and I add mini chocolate chips for a treat.
    You have a fun blog!
    :) Meredith

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