The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

23 February 2014


The Good

001. Bubble baths after a long day at work. Nothing beats them. I'm really enjoying using lots of Lush bubble bars at the moment, as well as filling the tub with classic Johnson's Baby Bath (because I like to pretend I'm 2.) I light a few candles, prop my Kindle Fire up and catch up with YouTube subs whilst I'm relaxing. What's not to love?

002. Max's reaction when I come home from work. It will never, ever get old. He spins round in circles, springs as high as he physically can in the air, and showers me with as much love as he possibly can. If you want someone to appreciate you when you come home, get a dog.

003. Fajitas. We cooked them for dinner recently after not having them for ages and maaan were they good. We sat cross legged on the sofa and made a little 'fajita station' whilst watching tv. It was just bliss. I want to start cooking more Mexican food I think. I love anything Mexican spicy!

The Bad

004. As I mentioned recently, the flooding has been pretty unbelievable in our area. At one point things were looking bleak for a lot of people, but I tried to do my bit by donating food and essentials to people who had been evacuated from their homes. My work company did their bit too by taking in evacuees so it's nice to feel that we've all played a part in helping. The floods seem to be improving a little now, fingers crossed.

005. Paying bills. When they come through the letter box, I can feel my soul crying, and then my soul goes on to bleed as I pay them. My gas provider tried to overcharge me this month by £140 too - oh no you don't Southern Electric! It's lucky I'm wiley like a fox and keep an eye on my meter readings. Muaha.

The Ugly

006. With all this bad weather we've been having, is there any good way to wear your hair? Anyone? Every day. Rain. I've now had to just subject myself to putting my hair up in a ponytail constantly, but with the mix of rain and high winds, I end up looking like I have a lions mane being blown at 100mph. It's certainly not the best.

I can see this being a little weekly post from me. What do you think? Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday. I'm having a clear out of bits and bobs, and I've cooked another cake for Jonathan to take back to base. They seem to be going down pretty well and he's feeling rather smug that he has someone to make him cakes. I'm not all bad ;)

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  1. Aaww Max is so cute! I hope the flooding sorts itself out soon :) xx

  2. Love this post, I'm a massive fajita fan too! And I totally agree, hair is just not compatible with this weather...


  3. Some days I haven't bothered to my hair because I know the wind will undo my efforts. well done for spotting the over charge - cheeky buggers.

    Grace x

  4. agreed, a good hot bath is amazing! i adore them every once in a while :)

    from helen at

    ps. you can win nearly £150 worth of high-end skincare on my blog, if you fancy entering! click here

  5. Your wellies are adorable (one perk of the rubbish weather). Well done for doing your bit, I am sure it was greatly appreciated.

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets


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