Pina Colada Breakfast Smoothie

7 February 2014


When I'm on the run and busy in the mornings before work, breakfast isn't a priority. It should be, but it isn't. To combat this, I try and make smoothies so I can take them on the go when I go into work, or if I'm walking Max in the morning. Not only are they delicious, but there are so many varieties that you can make - I think there is literally a smoothie for everyone. Many of you will have seen my standard 7am Lazy Smoothie recipe which I use a lot, and today I'm talking about a variation on that. It's still very much a 7am Lazy Smoothie, but more of a 'lets pretend I'm on a beach with sun, sea and sand' smoothie. It's my Pina Colada Breakfast smoothie and boy is it a good'un.

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Unfortunately, this is a breakfast smoothie so it is sans alcohol - I need to be able to walk in a straight line when I get into work, although you can definitely make this with alcohol for a bbq or party. As always, I like my smoothies to be quick. Less preparation is better at 7am and I don't need any faffing around slicing and dicing fruit. No no no. I always chop up my fruit in advance and chuck it in a tupperware box to go in the freezer. That way, you just get out whatever fruit you want when you need it, and it also means you don't need ice. Double bubble. Obviously, the fruit you need is pineapple and coconut for it to be bonafide Pina Colada material. You can buy the fruit and slice it all yourself, or you can go the extra lazy step and buy tinned fruit. I know in Tesco you can buy tinned 'Pina Colada' which is a pineapple and coconut mix in juice which is perfect for this recipe. The next ingredient is Koko Dairy Free milk. I try to drink dairy free milk as much as possible because the health benefits are great and it's generally lower in calories, and Koko is based on coconut milk - even more perfect for this recipe. I know you can buy it from Tesco and Waitrose. Whack both into a blender and blend until it's the consistency you like.

This is more of a health concious smoothie, but you can of course make it a little more luxurious by adding some ice cream, yoghurt or coconut cream. It's like drinking a little cup of sunshine in the morning and definitely gives me a spring in my step - with the bad weather and flooding we've been having, it is totally needed! Simple, quick, and undeniably tasty. If only I could be sipping it out of a coconut on a beach...

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  1. Ooh, this sounds and looks delicious! Pina colada is my favourite, will definitely be giving this a go.


  2. I tend to just have a quick bowl of cereal or toast in the morning, I have to be at work for 6.30 so the joys of a luxurious breakfast of pancakes or bacon are long gone!
    Sounds like a delicious recipe! I always put pineapples in any fruit salad or smoothie I make but never think of coconut, will definitely give this recipe a try and look out for the Koko dairy free as I'm a milk-free girl!

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  3. Gosh this sounds so delicious! Much better than my cereal.


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