Dinner with Barefoot Bubbly

19 February 2014

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When it comes to alcohol, I'm not the sort of girl who likes to get totally trashed (although I am conveniently forgetting my 12 hour toilet bowl sesh after New Year just gone..it was an accident I swear). I'm the sorta girl who loves to savour alcohol, get to know it, learn about it, and enjoy it with family and friends. Drinking during the weekday doesn't happen for me either - it's purely a Friday and Saturday night thang for when I'm seeing friends and family or when Jonathan is home. A nice bottle of Chablis or Prosecco and I'm yours.

Recently, a bottle of Pink Moscato by Barefoot Bubbly was delivered to my door. This tasty sparkling wine is derived from muscat grapes which are a particularly sweet type of grape usually found in South America or California, where Barefoot Wines are based. If you like sweet drinks, then this will be a winner for you - if anyone likes Martini Asti then you will know the sort of sweet I'm talking about. It's almost like liquid sugar and runs sweet down your throat as you drink it. I adore sparkling wine and think there's nothing nicer than a glass of bubbles. Jonathan and I decided to have this as an appetizer to one of our meals at the weekend which was a king prawn stir fry, although this would have been lovely to drink with our dessert too. I know that you can make some fun cocktails with Pink Moscato too this could be a great drink to have at a girls night. What's even better, is that the price is under a tenner from most good supermarkets - £9.49. Pretty damn good for a bottle of bubbles. Something else I love is that the company, Barefoot Wines have won lots of great wine awards which is definitely reassuring when it comes to wine I feel. Not only this, but the company supports tons of charities which is a big thumbs up in my opinion.

I can see this being my perfect 'girls night in' drink in the future!

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  1. Anything you do on New Year's Eve doesn't count!!


  2. Sounds amazing, love that it's affordable too! <3

  3. Sounds delicious, will definitely be keeping an eye out for it, thanks for sharing :)

  4. I could drink Champagne all day long. I blame my mother and my grandmother for having expensive taste. However, living in Spain I have also been brought up on cava - Spain's own version of champagne (of course they can't call it champers because Champagne territory in France has the rights over the name) and it is just as good. Usually half the price of an expensive bottle of champagne and just as yummy and srumptious. It even beats prosecco, which I hear is another favourite in the UK! haha Enjoy it girl! Love from Marbella x www.theblondeb.com


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