A Quick 'Get Ready With Me' | Vlogmas Day 5

6 December 2013

Believe it or not, this is my first time doing a 'Get Ready With Me' video. I may do a full length one once Vlogmas is over as it was good fun, so feedback would be great! 

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has been watching my Vlogmas uploads so far. My YouTube channel doesn't have masses of subscribers, but I really do enjoy vlogging and editing them, and I've really loved the whole process so far. So big hugs to everyone who has watched so far - 20 days to go!!

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  1. Cute video! I always admire people who do make-up videos from scratch (so brave!!!) but you're naturally beautiful so it's all good :)
    I live not far from the Bognor Regis 'Butlins' - I've never been myself, but all I would say is prepare for the worst and then at least you won't be too disappointed / horrified' :P I think it's supposed to be "cheap and cheerful". Have a fun trip!

    Love & Kisses from a new blogger xoxo



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