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5 November 2013

As soon as Halloween is out of the way and the cold slap of November hits, I start getting all jittery thinking about Christmas, mince pies, watching The Muppets Christmas Carol on repeat, singing carols, and buying presents. I'm one of those people who loves seeing the look on peoples faces on Christmas day when they receive something heartfelt and meaningful. I've got my list prepared to start buying already - it's true. Hashtag organisation. Now my dawg Max can't buy presents (the difficulties of not having opposable thumbs and all...) but he certainly likes receiving presents. Buying gifts for our animals are just as important in our family - they're just as much a member of our family as anybody else, so the gifts flow for them too. John Lewis recently got in touch and asked Max to put together together a gift guide of pet presents he'd like to receive, and he was happy to oblige.

Over to Max.

'Hey Little Glitter readers. This is my first chance writing on Tamsin's blog and it's about time too. Personally, I know nothing of make-up, fashion and lifestyle (other than finding the cosiest place to sleep and making sure my coat is nice and glossy) but I can always recommend a gift or two for my fellow canine friends. Toys? I've chewed 'em. Clothes? I've worn 'em (don't judge...I'm masculine and I like to wear clothes. Don't hate me cos you aint me.) Treats? I've eaten 'em. And now I'm here to give you my fav pick of the bunch from John Lewis.




Firstly, a coat is needed. I'm only little and I can get quite cold, as well as muddy (short like my ma!) but style is still important guys. Don't let your standards slip! Personally, I've been loving this Barbour jacket. Not only is it red (which compliments my fur colour) but it's waterproof too which is great for when I like to run through every puddle in sight. My family are big wearers of the classic Barbour coat, so it means I match as well. Gotta keep standards high. You can see me styling it above. My Siamese cat brother tried to steal the limelight..sorry about that.


Secondly, you need the tools to look good. Some animals hate it, but I love it. A brush needs to be involved guys. I picked out this Rosewood Double Sided Grooming brush for just the job. It's a 2in1 tool - one side to make sure my coat is tangle free, and then the other side to smooth it all down. It's all very L'Oreal - I'm totally worth it.


Next on the list is a treat or two. All dogs deserve them. Even scary dogs twice the size of me. Instead of the standard treats, I suggest you step it up a notch. It is Christmas after all. Go for this Gourmet Pheasant Flavoured Nylabone. It tastes just like the real thing (you can't fool me's good but I know it's not real) and it lasts for ages and keeps my teeth shiny and clean. I'd highly recommend buying your dog one of these - it's better me to be chewing this than the furniture right? yerrrr that's what I thought.


Finally, you need something to store the treats in. It's happened before when my Ma didn't hide my treats very well - I managed to find them and eat the whole bag. We both learned lessons - I learned that a whole bag of treats taste lip smacking good but mean I will probably be sick after (and that my Ma isn't happy about the state of the carpet..oops) and Ma learned to hide them away. I suggest this Pet Treat Tin. It'll keep all treats fresh and tasty, and stops wandering paws like mine getting involved with secret eating.

I hope I've managed to give you all ideas of what you could buy for your canine friends this Christmas. All us dogs deserve to be pampered and chill for a day.... ok maybe we chill most days, but who can blame us?'

Max (and Tamsin) xxx

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  1. oh wow what lucky pup!!!
    I can't wait to dress my boy up in xmas clothes haha!


  2. Aww he looks so smart in his coat! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Good job I don't live near you Max, I would swipe that Barbour jacket from under your nose (my mummy only ever buys me silly Father Christmas coats, I'm sure she's hell bent on embarassing me!). Gonna tell her that I REALLY needz that coat.

    Love Jasper x

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog


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