London Retro 'Portland' Glasses

25 October 2013



Accessories wise, glasses are my favourite. They completely change an outfit and the shape of your face, and quite frankly, I love the way that glasses are cool again. Glasses will always beat contact lenses for me. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 15 as I have astigmatism, and since then, I'm always on the lookout for a gorgeous pair of glasses. Generally, not many people will see me wear my glasses, as I usually only wear them at home or when my eyes are particularly tired (cough..hangover..cough) but it doesn't stop me wanting My Optique got in contact recently letting me know about their new London Retro Metropolitan Collection, and I was excited to try out a pair.

I decided to try the Portland shape. Even though these were meant for men, I don't think it matters at all. The website has the glasses dimensions on so you can check they will fit ok, and with a choice of black or tortoiseshell frames, they'd look good on anyone. The Portland shape indeed have a retro feel about them, without being too over the top, and I adore the square frame. I find that more square-ish frames are the most complimentary for my face, and the tortoiseshell just give a bit of an interesting spin. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and look classy with everything. They even give my favourite Calvin Klein glasses a run for their money!

This A/W collection (known as the Metropolitan Collection) is based upon iconic tube stations dotted around London. Personally, I love anything that links to London and I love the choice of names. Each frame shape has its own name such as Piccadilly, Bakerloo etc, and I think they capture so many different peoples personalities. With the glasses, you get a protective case and cleaning cloth, as well as the frames being scratch resistant and having anti-reflective lenses. They add on any prescription or you can have blank lenses if you're all about the fashion statements. Starting from £79 and including free delivery, they're a pretty good deal if you ask me.

Move over Specsavers. London Retro are calling.

-Tamsin xxx

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Sunday Details

2 October 2013











Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week. After the busy working week, Saturday is more of a 'must-do-things-I-enjoy-and-lots-of-it-all-at-once' day, and usually ends up as tiring as a weekday for me. I don't lay in - I like to get up, do things, shop, drive, see people etc. Sunday however is a different story. For me, this is my lie in day, followed by a chilled morning, a lazy dog walk with Max, watching the same programmes or movies you've seen 40 times before on the sofa with a blanket, and then floating to the table for a Sunday Roast, eating it in delight, and then rolling (literally) back to the sofa for more tv (preferably Downton Abbey) and feeling very cosy and happy indeed.

This Sunday was no different. After a nice lay in, I settled down for a snuggle in bed with Max, catching up with blogs and eating porridge. Then I threw on the country casuals and a Barbour coat and went on a lovely wander with Max through the fields. Max decided that it would be his life ambition to catch every leaf that blew past us - I'm sure you'll believe me when I say that nomatter how hard he tried, he wasn't going to succeed! I love how we're currently in the 'multi-colour' stage of Autumn. All the leaves are different shades, and look beautiful with the clash of the red berries on the hedges. Beautiful. Then followed picking vegetables from our allotment for a huge roast dinner with the whole family - you name it, my parents grow it, and in their house, everything is home-made. My mum is one of those traditionalists. After a lovely meal, a glass of wine or two, it was time to hit the sofa again for more tv. All in all, a perfect Sunday.

-Tamsin xxx

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