The 7am Lazy Smoothie

3 September 2013

As much as I love the thought of cooking a lovely breakfast, it's just naaat going to happen on a weekday. When that alarm goes off, I have a structured routine consisting of beauty rituals, news watching and dog walking. Even though I dream of recreating many recipes I pin daily, it's not practical. I do dream of whipping up American style oat and yoghurt pancakes, but I'm still dreaming. Usually, my breakfast is an Activia breakfast pot which I eat at my desk - very yummy but nothing glamorous. However, recently I've been embracing my tight schedule and my non existent breakfast routine. 

Enter The 7am Lazy Smoothie.



This is genuinely the perfect 'lazy person, in a hurry, need something with a bit of a zing and wake-me-up' breakfast. It's really changed the way I see breakfast recently, and just as quick as pouring a bowl of cereal and milk. What makes this the ultimate lazy smoothie, is that it consists of 3 ingredients. Firstly, the fruit. I buy a bag of mixed frozen fruit salad. It's about £1 a bag, lasts ages, has a great mix of berries, melon and grapes etc and as it's already frozen, it acts as natural ice for the smoothie (meaning you don't need to add any excess ice!). Next, I add one banana. In normal smoothies, the banana is usually frozen, but you already have frozen fruit so the banana is off the hook! I add the banana for energy and a nice creamy consistency. Lastly is some form of juice. Right now, I have Tropicana Orange Juice in my fridge, so that's what I'm using. I throw in a small cups worth, just to loosen up the ice slightly. You don't need too much at all, but it's really trial and error. You can add whatever juice you like though - sometimes I add apple, or sometimes cranberry - but it all depends what you like. Next, just whizz it up until its blended smoothly, and you can add more juice depending on what consistency you like. I use my Kenwood 2 Go blender which I adore and can highly recommend.


That's genuinely it. The quickest breakfast smoothie in the world. Sometimes I add ginger or lime to it for a real morning kick, which really gets you alive and kicking! I pour it into my Starbucks cooler and off I trot to work. I highly recommend buying a cooling tumbler too - it keeps my smoothie cold for a lot longer than a normal cup would. In a perfect world, I'd be chopping up fresh fruit every morning for this smoothie, or mixing up my oaty pancakes in excitement, but lets face it. We're busy people, and this breakfast is healthy, quick and convenient. What more could a lazy breakfast person want?

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. Perfect~ Never thought of adding things to tropicana to make a much more nicer smoothie. I want to invest in a blender/smoothie maker to kick start my healthy eatting :D Looks so good!

    Thanks for sharing this simple recipe~ Have a good day <3

    *- YingcBeauty-*

  2. i have a blender that has been stuck in my cupboard still in the box since i bought it about a year ago, I really need to get it cracked open and used!! this sounds gorgeous for breakfast x

  3. I love this!! Going back to Uni next week so I am in desperate need of a breakfast like this. I cannot eat in the mornings to save my life & this is an incredible cheap breakfast.

    Thanks for this xx

  4. Tasty! This is just the thing I'll need for when I go back to uni this month! :)

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  5. yummy yummy!! that'll perk me up before lectures haha

    Michelle xo -

  6. This looks so nice, and I dont even eat ANY fruit! I really should start though. I want to get a blender/smoothie maker for this purpose! I'd have to have it really smooth though, I cant be dealing with 'bits' in it!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  7. got to love a good smoothie! I'm a complete fruit bat so this looks perfect for me xo

  8. I've been nagging my mum to buy a blender! I love the Innocent fruit smoothies but home-made ones are so much better for you.


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