That Dove Trend

6 September 2013


It was only the other night that I was having my evening bath, exfoliating, hair washing, and generally relaxing, that I looked at some of the current products dotted around my bathtub. Unless I'm after a specific item, I usually pick up whatever is on offer in the supermarket. I like switching up hair routines and trying new products - it's part of the fun! However, dotted around my bath were four different Dove items, and when drying my hair, I realised my favourite leave-in conditioner was also Dove. Coincidence maybe? Or is this a pattern and I should give Dove the recognition it deserves?

Firstly, the Colour Radiance Shampoo. This one was picked up as it was going cheap and I need a shampoo..simple as. After using it, my hair was cleaner than clean and I found it was softer than usual. Usually with shampoos, my hair adapts pretty quickly and seems to get used to the formula meaning another change, but it hasn't happened with this one at all - bonus! Regarding boosting the radiance of my dyed hair, it hasn't done anything dramatic, but definitely keeps the colour fresher for longer. Big tick from me! Next, the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. If this is going cheap, I always pick this up - the smell is just fresh and baby clean. I don't like too many floral scents in my body washes, so this is always a favourite of mine, and one I usually pack when I'm going on holiday as it's almost like my comfort body wash, and it keeps me really moisturised after a day in the sun. A newer addition is the Creme Mousse Body Wash. This is similar to the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, except the formula is silky, smooth and really is kinda like a mousse! It froths up a lot more, has more of a fragrance and feels a little more exclusive and luxurious - it's one I use when I'm in a more pampering mood. When running myself a bath, the Indulging Bath Cream is the first thing to be used. It's basically the bubble bath version of the Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, and that's why I love it. Clean, fresh, moisturising and it creates some gorgeously wonderful bubbles (it's not called a bubble bath for nothing!). Finally, after hopping out of the bath, I spritz the Intensive Repair Leave-In Conditioning and Care Spray. This is one of my favourite discoveries of 2013, and that is saying a lot. This spray changed my hair. It's got a watery section and milky section which you shake up so it can work its magic. A few spritzes onto my hair, brush through with a Tangle Teezer and boom boom pow, silky soft, manageable, no frizz hair. My hair has changed for the better and it's because of this conditioning spray. It's definitely one I'd recommend and one I will continue to repurchase.

So. Dove. I didn't realise I liked them so much, but apparently I do. They seem to have loads of elements that I enjoy when I'm in the shower, bath or conditioning my hair, and I feel credit is due. After all, I wouldn't keep repurchasing if they didn't help achieve the results I love! I don't think this trend is coincidence, but sign of a great brand - well done Dove for keeping me so happy :)

-Tamsin xxx

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