Pawsie - Onesies for your Pooch!

26 September 2013

Max loves to wear clothes - it's true..he's a bit of a fashionista. In all honesty, a lot of people give me an eyebrow raise when Max wears jumpers or coats, but the truth is, he's only little. He really does get chilly on walks, and wearing coats or jumpers make cleaning him a lot easier after a muddy walk in the park. Yes I know he's a Jack Russell, and yes I know he's a guy dog, but there's something lovely about Max wearing his little wax Barbour jacket, or when he dons his home-knitted Royal Navy jumper complete with Union Flag buttons.


When Pawsie offered Max the chance to try one of their onesie's, I was all for that like a tramp on chips. Onesie's for dogs?! A DOG wearing a ONESIE?! Yes yes yes yes. Max was pretty up for it too. We browsed the website together, and decided to go for the Classic Grey Onesie. It's very Winter chic and looking ahead to the Christmas period, thought it would fit in perfectly so Max could join us for a brandy and a mince pie whilst watching Elf.



So how does a dog onesie work? I know, I know, I thought the same. It's hard enough getting in and out of my Minnie Mouse onesie with two legs, but imagine having four very little, stick like legs. Pawsie have this covered - each onesie has poppers on the chest area and belly area so you can slot their legs through and then pop the onesie together easily and comfortably. With a mixture of jersey material and soft fluffy blanket material, it's super soft and warming for your pooch. There's also the addition of a furry hood - this has been one of our highlights and we love tucking Max's ears in so he looks rather Chihuahua-esque and like an 'eski-dog'. There's also ample room for them to have their waggy tails out to show how much they love their Pawsie onesie.



Pawsie don't just do Mr Darcy type fashion - they also do a variety of animal onesies, so if you have the popular Primark duckling or tiger onesies, your dog can now match you - paws and all! Ranging from £15.99 - £24.99, these onesies are a great novelty item for dressing your four legged friend up, but are also perfect for keeping them warm. Right now, it's still a little too warm I think for Max to be wearing it around the house, but come a few weeks when the temperature drops slightly, it will be the perfect Winter warmer.

Quite frankly, I adore Pawsie as a company. They provide quality onesie's for dogs, and lets face it, you have to have a bit of a sense of humour to create onesie's for dogs. If you're thinking about ordering one for your dawg, check out their website to refer to sizing - there's free delivery at the moment too!

Max gives it 10 out of 10 on the fashion front, and a huge lick for comfort.

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. This may be the cutest thing i have ever seen! haha x

  2. omg this makes my heart melt - it's so cute and funny! x

  3. So cute! He looks so pleased with himself haha :) xx

  4. Hello you! Think my two may be getting these for Christmas! How cute does max look!! Hope you're well xx

  5. Aww, this is so cute :)

  6. this is adorable, what a cutie!x

  7. One hundred and fifty dollars or so can potentially get you a nice dog from an animal shelter. how much are pitbulls


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