Autumn Wishlist

10 September 2013

The minute it hits September, my heart starts beating that little bit faster and I get butterflies flying around my tummy. As nice as Summer is, the Autumn and Winter months are my favourite. I appreciate hot weather more when I'm holidaying abroad, and working in heat in the UK just isn't as nice. Give me Autumn and Winter any day. I love chunky cardigans, Chelsea boots, buying a new coat, feeling warm and toasty under the duvet when it's cold outside, and the most exciting part for me is the run up to Christmas. Ok, ok, it seems ages away now, but it's my favourite time of the year, so I cannot help but get excited.

With another season, comes another wishlist. It's only natural


Knitted Angora Jumper - Topshop
Block Cut Out Boots - New Look
Graham Clan Tartan Scarf - Heritage of Scotland
Buckle Trim Rider Boots - Russell and Bromley
Yellow Parka - Sheinside
Mulled Wine Candle - Tesco

The grey angora jumper from Topshop just screams 'cosy' at me. With a chunky scarf, skinny jeans and boots, I would be wearing this continuously over the A/W months, especially as between November-January, we don't have to wear business wear at work - bonus! I'm a huge lover of boots..they're one of my favourite types of shoe to buy but I'm quite picky as I like them to go with a lot of outfits, as well as being sturdy. The block cut out boots from New Look would be great for every day, and I just love the detailing. When it comes to longer boots, I only head to one place - Russell and Bromley. R&B boots may be expensive when it comes to handing over the plastic to pay, but trust me on this - it's the best money on shoes you can ever spend. They keep you going for years if you re-heel them, never let in the wet and cold, and look fabulous for everything. The Buckle Trim Rider boots are what I'm lusting over at the moment. Hashtag drool. The scarf is a personal one to me. I have a few of these but have been after a new one. My heritage is Scottish, and we're very proud of our roots in my family. We all wear our tartan, including kilts, and it always feels special when someone asks where you got your tartan scarf from, and you say 'It's my family's tartan.' I will forever be proud of my family and our Scottish roots. And yes the bagpipes will be out at my wedding! The yellow parka is one I have been lusting after for ages now. I believe I saw this first on Rosie's blog last year, and I've been dying to buy one since. Now it seems to be getting a lot colder, I'm going to be treating myself to this asap. I need that huge hood in my life! Perfect for dog walking! The last is something I go mad with every year. The Christmas/Winter candles. I adore the mulled wine/cinnamon/frost/berries fragrances that appear around this time each September, and I have them burning almost constantly. Fragrances are memories for me, and this just takes me back to lots of happy memories. I have a Mulled Wine candle burning right this second and I feel extremely happy and cosy!

What's on your A/W wishlist?

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. In love with that yellow parka, it looks so snuggly and warm and a bargain for £36!

    hannah bee


  2. That coat looks so cosy!

  3. Great wishlist! Love the jumper and that candle sounds amazing! :)

  4. I love the look of that coat, never really seen one in the yellow colour before but it looks really different and so cosy! I can't wait for Winter now! x

  5. Ooh that coat and the scarf are gorgeous! I really want to invest in some riding boots this season but I always feel they make me look even shorter ): xx

  6. Im Loving that jumper!
    I try and do something similar on my blog but loving yours
    - you have yourself a new follower!

    love Isabel Beatrice


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