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19 August 2013


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Every time I go to Lisa Shepherd salon, I leave with the biggest grin on my face. This time, it was due to trying out the new Color Bar feature they've recently started to offer. For those not familiar with Lisa Shepherd, the salons are ultra modern, suave and totally user friendly - feel free to grab a drink from the Smeg fridge..be it a glass of wine, or a tasty cloudy lemonade, sit back and relax with an iPad or the latest magazines, and chill in one of the massaging chairs whilst having your hair washed. Yes, it is just wonderful. Jason Cocking who is the director of the London branch on Mortimer Street is a delight - you're in safe hands under his watch, and having done hair of celebs such as the Olsen Twins, Cat Deeley and Nigella Lawson, he knows what he's talking about.



So what is this new Express Color Bar? To cut a long story short, it's basically quick fix, no drama hair solutions without the added frills and price. Sounds awesome huh? Well trust me, it really is. They have six treatments to offer (see here) ranging from hair colouring to gloss treatments. Not only this, but the salon promises to have the treatments done within an hour, and if they run over, you get your money back. Don't think you will be less of a customer by having this option though - you still get all of the attention deserved when you go to a hairdressers. All the treatments range from £15 to £30, and the deal is that you dry and style your hair yourself after having it washed. You pop yourself down at a little 'blow dry bar', use one of the Redken hairdryers, and help yourself to a whole tray full of complimentary Redken products.



Jason suggested I go for the Brighter Lights treatment and added some blonde highlights to my hair. Lauren also went for the Brighter Lights to give her a quick fix before her holiday. Serena went for the Glossy Locks treatment, and I can honestly say, what a treatment that is. I have never felt such shiny and perfectly conditioned hair as Serena's was. Even after washing the following day, Serena said that her hair stayed completely untangled without a single knot, and was just as soft and glossy as before.


So what do I think of the Express Color Bar experience? Honestly, I think it's a genius idea. Having your hair done can now be convenient in the middle of your day - if you're working, you can pop in (oh yes..I genuinely mean pop in, as you don't have to book!) during your lunch break, get your hair done, dry/style it yourself, and be back in the office before you can finish eating your sandwich from Pret. Another positive is that you can save yourself some cash by not having it unnecessarily blow-dried. It's a win win situation in my opinion, and a revolutionary hair idea that everyone can benefit from.

Personally, I think that Lisa Shepherd have got themselves a winner here, and I urge you to try a Color Bar treatment next time you're shopping on Oxford St - I wouldn't lie to you when I say it is now possible to have your hair done and be back in the shops within an hour, and all for £30 and under!

-Tamsin xxx

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