Girls Night In

2 August 2013


Back in the days of school and university, nights out were the norm. The whole day would be spent planning the arrangements - outfits, pre-drinks, where we going, and then the following day would include nursing heavy heads and reviewing the photo evidence from the night before. I treasure some of those memories and feel very lucky to have had some wonderful times. However, times move on. Before you know it, you're working full time, have lots of responsibilities and those days seem a distant memory. When the opportunity comes to go on a night out, I'm always up for it. But most of the time, I'm totally game for a night in with the girls as an alternative.
Some of my fav nights have been nights in with the girls. My mum and I love planning cocktail nights - we get our '100 Best Cocktails' book out, do some mixing (shaken and stirred), blend some alco-smoothies and set up the kitchen table with nibbles and goodies. We get the girls over, end up singing songs, dancing round the living room and taking lots of photos. They're fab nights, and if everyone brings some nibbles and drink, it ends up as a cheap night - no taxi's home or expensive drinks! Another of my fav girls night in are Disney Nights (oh come on...we know I mention Disney in every post!). Some of my oldest friends are Disney nutters like myself. A perfect girls night in for us is to snuggle up on the sofa with our duvets, make tons of popcorn, have a glass of vino and watch a marathon of Disney films. This is just a perfect chill night to me, and I feel very happy and comfortable when I have nights like those.
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I think sometimes it's nice to stop the fast paced life outside and bring everything down to earth a little inside the home. It's nice to relax and have nights in with friends without worrying about your outfits or makeup for the night - I'm not joking when I say I've organised pyjama parties where all the girls come round in pjs and makes everyone feel so chilled and is a great laughing point! As I get older, I'm appreciating the special nights in. The nights out are a lot rarer and that makes them special too, but it's the nights in I truly love - chatting, laughing and feeling literally 'at home'. Genuinely, I thought I was in the minority loving the nights in, but according to a Ladbrokes survey, 70% of women prefer nights in, so I'm definitely not alone!
What would be your perfect night in? Do you love movie nights with copious amounts of popcorn snuggled in blankets on the sofa, or cocktail nights with music and dancing? I dare you to turn your night out into a night in and see what happens ;)
-Tamsin xxx
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  1. I must admit, I love a night out, though these days I do find they rarely live up to the expectation or the hype!

    Saying that though, I definitely love a good night in with amazing friends and trashy DVDs xx

  2. Nothing like a night in with disney films! Lovely post :) x

  3. Sometimes nothing beats pizza, Ryan Gosling and wine. The ideal night in!

  4. Haha Tamsin it's sooo many years since I used to go out every night... don't know how I'd have the strength to stay up past midnight at my age now ;))) I love the idea of a Disney night in! My husband may think differently though, hehe.

    Hope you're well!!! I'm still working on the interview (god didn't we all talk a lot...) As I was listening, I thought about something I asked you - "what do you like about yourself" (and you hesitated, naughty girl) - so I thought I should tell you about a new project I set up on Facebook a bit before the Activia event. I'd really, really love for you to take part:

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    Catherine x

    P.S. You may want to read this post I wrote about enhancing your best feature and how to get one if you think you don't - I noticed what a lovely cute button nose and pretty lips you had (makes for a gorgeous profile), and you wear bright lipstick I've noticed so you must like your lips, so have a think!!!
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    (longest comment ever, sorry!)

  5. I miss the excitement of getting ready for a night out....the music playing in the background as we all crowded around the mirror. That was the best part of a night out for me.

    Fast forward 5 years and yes, the nights out are now very few and far between. I do love having the girls over to watch of my favourite nights was the Mexican food night I hosted; I don't think anyone left before 1am!

    - Tabitha at x

  6. I am starting to love nights in more too. They make the times you do go out even better.
    That cocktail book sounds fab, I might get one for my next girls night in :)

  7. I'm such a fan of cozy nights in with a good film and maybe a take out ;) xx

  8. Disney movies are definitely one of my guilty pleasures for a night in... especially when I haven't seen them in a while!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  9. I have to be in the mood for a night out but most the time I would rather snuggle up in blankets, pig out and watch dvds! x

  10. I love nights in! I have a great group of boy & girlfriends and I'd love to organise a night in with all of us, PJ party with scary films, alcohol and a lot of chocolate.... I definitely need to sort this out soon! xx

    Visit The Other Side Of Cool

  11. Moving around as much as I have during the last couple of years certainly hasn't led me to seeing too many of these but your post made me all nostalgic! Even so, I
    went ahead recently and tried my best writing about social etiquette for all-girls hangouts If you get around to reading it, let me know what you think!

  12. I've become so bored of nights out recently and haven't had a good girly night in with friends for ages, and this post makes me crave a night with lots of drinks & disney (what a perfect combination)!!

    I've just found your blog & it's so nice!!

    -sarah xo


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