A Very Disney Party

30 August 2013


We've been at our new apartment for over a month now and it really does take a long time to settle, due to a lot of new furniture buying to fit the place, unpacking and sorting clothes, and generally just finding that little place for everything. It's no quick thing! Fortunately, we're now feeling a lot more settled, and have started to think about having a house-warming party. It is no secret that I'm a Disney obsessive. You only have to view my various Disney Pinterest boards to see this, along with my Disney merchandise, DVD collection and essential Minnie Mouse ears dotted around my bedroom. So I guess it's only natural that I'd want a Disney themed party hey?

In my perfect world, it would be Disney costume party. Everyone would have to dress up as a character from any Disney film and try and stay in character just for laughs! I take a lot of inspiration from Pinterest - every day I make time to sit down and scroll through pins of my choice, repinning them for future reference. Some of the Disney party pins are brilliant and it's given me all sorts of ideas. I'd definitely be serving my Mickey Mouse Oreo Cupcakes, and attempt to make some of the Disney food from my favourite Disney recipe website, Disney Food Blog. It wouldn't be a Disney party without attempting the famous Disney Glowtini's too! When it comes to choosing the RIGHT costumes, I'm not actually sure who I'd go as, as I love so many Disney characters. I'm thinking maybe I could go all out and go as a Dalmatian (I've done this before...it was a HUGE hit at the party!) but part of me is thinking Meg from Hercules and go for a bit of a Grecian theme. I'd have Disney music playing in the background in one room, and a few Disney films in the other, and who knows..maybe we'd even crack out the Disney Singstar once a beverage or few has been drunk?

What house-warming theme would you have?

-Tamsin xxx

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29 August 2013

Happiness is:

Planning: Nothing makes me happier than getting something exciting into the diary! I've booked to see A Midsummers Night Dream in September which I'm really excited about. Both Sheridan Smith and David Walliams are in it, and I know it's going to be a fabulous version of a classic Shakespeare play. I celebrated buying the tickets that evening by watching Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. Leo Di Caprio get into my life.

Decorating: I'm in the middle of deciding what colour to paint the bedroom. At the moment it's a yellowish shade which I don't find very relaxing. I've had this before with yellow, and had to paint over it as soon as I could. Does anyone else find that some colours do the opposite from relaxing them? I think it's really important to feel comfortable in your bedroom as sleep is so needed after a long days work. It's your little sanctuary. Right now, I'm thinking on a grey colour like in this bedroom.

Walking: Since moving, I have been exploring all the different routes and walks to take Max on. There's beautiful rivers around, and finding new towpaths and watching narrowboats go through locks is just serene. At the moment, I'm walking around 5 miles a day which is lovely. I'm particularly enjoying my morning walks - when you set your alarm for 6am, it never seems inviting, but once I'm outside walking Max in the morning sunshine, it really is quite lovely. (Lets hope I still think the same when it's darker and rainy!)

Working: This one sounds ridiculous but I love my job. Taking that plunge and moving to do something absolutely worlds apart from my last job was terrifying, but 100% the right choice. I love the people, the environment, and the way the job ties in well with my life. For the first time in years, I feel truly happy. 

Relaxing: Following on from the previous point, for the first time in 2 years, I actually HAVE time to relax! I'm able to leave work AT work. I come home, walk Max for an hour, cook nice food, read, catch up with blogs, I can go shopping, I can visit family and friends etc - that just couldn't happen before, and now it's possible, I feel I can truly enjoy relaxing and make the most of my ME time.

-Tamsin xxx

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Upload: Express Color Bar at Lisa Shepherd Salon

19 August 2013


Remember to watch in HD!

Every time I go to Lisa Shepherd salon, I leave with the biggest grin on my face. This time, it was due to trying out the new Color Bar feature they've recently started to offer. For those not familiar with Lisa Shepherd, the salons are ultra modern, suave and totally user friendly - feel free to grab a drink from the Smeg fridge..be it a glass of wine, or a tasty cloudy lemonade, sit back and relax with an iPad or the latest magazines, and chill in one of the massaging chairs whilst having your hair washed. Yes, it is just wonderful. Jason Cocking who is the director of the London branch on Mortimer Street is a delight - you're in safe hands under his watch, and having done hair of celebs such as the Olsen Twins, Cat Deeley and Nigella Lawson, he knows what he's talking about.



So what is this new Express Color Bar? To cut a long story short, it's basically quick fix, no drama hair solutions without the added frills and price. Sounds awesome huh? Well trust me, it really is. They have six treatments to offer (see here) ranging from hair colouring to gloss treatments. Not only this, but the salon promises to have the treatments done within an hour, and if they run over, you get your money back. Don't think you will be less of a customer by having this option though - you still get all of the attention deserved when you go to a hairdressers. All the treatments range from £15 to £30, and the deal is that you dry and style your hair yourself after having it washed. You pop yourself down at a little 'blow dry bar', use one of the Redken hairdryers, and help yourself to a whole tray full of complimentary Redken products.



Jason suggested I go for the Brighter Lights treatment and added some blonde highlights to my hair. Lauren also went for the Brighter Lights to give her a quick fix before her holiday. Serena went for the Glossy Locks treatment, and I can honestly say, what a treatment that is. I have never felt such shiny and perfectly conditioned hair as Serena's was. Even after washing the following day, Serena said that her hair stayed completely untangled without a single knot, and was just as soft and glossy as before.


So what do I think of the Express Color Bar experience? Honestly, I think it's a genius idea. Having your hair done can now be convenient in the middle of your day - if you're working, you can pop in (oh yes..I genuinely mean pop in, as you don't have to book!) during your lunch break, get your hair done, dry/style it yourself, and be back in the office before you can finish eating your sandwich from Pret. Another positive is that you can save yourself some cash by not having it unnecessarily blow-dried. It's a win win situation in my opinion, and a revolutionary hair idea that everyone can benefit from.

Personally, I think that Lisa Shepherd have got themselves a winner here, and I urge you to try a Color Bar treatment next time you're shopping on Oxford St - I wouldn't lie to you when I say it is now possible to have your hair done and be back in the shops within an hour, and all for £30 and under!

-Tamsin xxx

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An Afternoon with Gok Wan

13 August 2013


Remember to watch in HD!

At the end of July, I had one of the best experiences. Activia got in touch and asked if I wanted to help them with their 'Feel Good From Within' campaign at Westfield Stratford, and then spend most of the afternoon chilling with Gok Wan. Activia had been asking Facebook followers to submit photos that make them feel good from within on their feed, and some people had their photo selected and it was framed and hung on a board in Westfield, along with one of mine that they wanted me to submit (me eating a 90cal smoothie lolly) - it was a totally surreal experience and I will never forget people walking past and just seeing my face in a frame in a public shopping mall.

I asked if Lauren could come along for the day too, and we had such a laugh together. TGI's to Lauren's first time trying bubble tea - it's all there in the vlog! After a brilliant meet and greet Gok did with fans, we went to a conference room to eat Pinkberry and drink Iced Tea, and had the opportunity to ask Gok tons of questions. He's even better in person - one of the most honest and down to earth people I have ever met, and was genuinely such a laugh..the sort of person I felt like I'd known for years and could really have a bit of banter with, which is probably why he is so successful - people can relate to him, and he relates back, but its done with a good heart and understanding. The questions we asked went on for over an hour, so I've broken down a few of the good bits in the vlog, but if you'd like to see the whole interview, let me know and I can put one together.

On the day, I also got to meet three other lovely bloggers - Dannii, Laura and Catherine who were just wonderful and it was so nice to experience the day together. I hope you enjoy the vlog and thank you to Gok and Activia for a wonderful day :)

-Tamsin xxx

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Crystalised Creations + GIVEAWAY!

4 August 2013

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You know the feeling when you fall in love with a pair of shoes? This post is just about that. It's Summer, our feet are on show a lot more than usual, and we want shoes that look nice don't we? Personally, I struggle finding flip flops in particular that I really like. Either they look flimsy, cheap or have horrible straps that you know are going to rub before you've even got them on! Havaianas have always been my 'go-to' flip flops for about 8 years now. They're super comfy, don't wear down quickly and aren't cheap quality, not to mention the great colours available. Enter Crystalised Creations.

Crystalised Creations is a fab shop owned by an old friend of mine. At CC, they crystalise pretty much anything, but focus on shoes in particular. They only use Swarovski crystals and the strongest glue on the market to ensure your items last for as long as possible. My CC's are blue Havaianas with blue and silver crystals, and within 2 hours of wearing them, I'd had people asking where I'd got - they sparkle and twinkle in the sun and give your standard flip flops a little more fun! As well as Havaianas, there's a choice of Hunter wellies, Nike Blazers, Converse, Vans and more up for crystalising. Not only this, but you can send Crystalised Creations your own item, whatever it may be, and they will glitz it up and send it back to you! That's what I call personal service ;) Quite a few celebs have been seen sporting Crystalised Creations items too - Michelle Keegan, Danniella Westbrook, the TOWIE and Geordie Shore girls, and Brooke Kinsella to name a few.

The fab news is that Crystalised Creations would like to offer one of my readers to win a pair of Swarovski crystalled Havaianas in whatever colour you would like. Just use the widget below to enter :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone who enters! The giveaway will be running for 2 weeks :) Make sure you check out the Crystalised Creations website and chat to them on their Twitter :) Personally, I cannot wait till I have a child just so I can dress them in those Mickey Mouse Converse ;)

-Tamsin xxx

Girls Night In

2 August 2013


Back in the days of school and university, nights out were the norm. The whole day would be spent planning the arrangements - outfits, pre-drinks, where we going, and then the following day would include nursing heavy heads and reviewing the photo evidence from the night before. I treasure some of those memories and feel very lucky to have had some wonderful times. However, times move on. Before you know it, you're working full time, have lots of responsibilities and those days seem a distant memory. When the opportunity comes to go on a night out, I'm always up for it. But most of the time, I'm totally game for a night in with the girls as an alternative.
Some of my fav nights have been nights in with the girls. My mum and I love planning cocktail nights - we get our '100 Best Cocktails' book out, do some mixing (shaken and stirred), blend some alco-smoothies and set up the kitchen table with nibbles and goodies. We get the girls over, end up singing songs, dancing round the living room and taking lots of photos. They're fab nights, and if everyone brings some nibbles and drink, it ends up as a cheap night - no taxi's home or expensive drinks! Another of my fav girls night in are Disney Nights (oh come on...we know I mention Disney in every post!). Some of my oldest friends are Disney nutters like myself. A perfect girls night in for us is to snuggle up on the sofa with our duvets, make tons of popcorn, have a glass of vino and watch a marathon of Disney films. This is just a perfect chill night to me, and I feel very happy and comfortable when I have nights like those.
large (1)

I think sometimes it's nice to stop the fast paced life outside and bring everything down to earth a little inside the home. It's nice to relax and have nights in with friends without worrying about your outfits or makeup for the night - I'm not joking when I say I've organised pyjama parties where all the girls come round in pjs and onesies...it makes everyone feel so chilled and is a great laughing point! As I get older, I'm appreciating the special nights in. The nights out are a lot rarer and that makes them special too, but it's the nights in I truly love - chatting, laughing and feeling literally 'at home'. Genuinely, I thought I was in the minority loving the nights in, but according to a Ladbrokes survey, 70% of women prefer nights in, so I'm definitely not alone!
What would be your perfect night in? Do you love movie nights with copious amounts of popcorn snuggled in blankets on the sofa, or cocktail nights with music and dancing? I dare you to turn your night out into a night in and see what happens ;)
-Tamsin xxx
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