Vichy Idealia BB Cream

18 July 2013



In the Summer, it is natural that we usually want to melt our faces off when it's hot like it is at the moment. You've been there - makeup all done, looking lovely, you step out into the heat and's like a volcano is swarming near your face and you can feel the foundation heating and mascara sliding - remember now? ;) If I'm honest, I have been going completely bare faced recently. My skin is clear and with all this heat, it just doesn't seem necessary to slap on tons of makeup (bar a lashing of mascara and a bit of brow taming). On the days I've been working and I'm inside, I still don't want to feel bogged down with makeup, so I've been reaching for the Vichy Idealia BB Cream*.

I am a BB cream lover but often have previously found it hard to find a BB cream that gives a coverage that lasts. Other than the Clarins BB Cream (which I'm saving for another day) this is the only other BB cream I've found to stand the test of time. With easy application from the pointed nozzle, I apply it with a Real Techniques blending brush. The coverage is light but builds well, and doesn't make you feel caked under and like your skin is trapped. I must just touch on the pointed nozzle again - serious points to Vichy from's hygienic, easy to use and keeps everything tidy. Love. It. Onto the formula - Vichy aims for 6 different results with this product - illuminate, hydrate, smooth wrinkles, refine skin texture, reduce dark spots and protect with SPF25. Well I can tell you now, it definitely hydrates, it really does illuminate, it protects your skin from the sun and really does refine the skins texture. 4 outta 6 aint bad, but the only reason it's not a full house is because I fortunately don't have dark spots or wrinkles yet (score!). I think the nicest thing about this product is the illumination. It has a real glow about it and when it's on the skin, it's almost like it has an added highlighter in it. In this weather, it's all I need and all I want, and it gives a healthy glow whilst giving enough coverage to get you through the day. It blends beautiful, gives you a flawless, smooth finish, hides immediate blemishes and gives you a perfect glow. What's not to like? There's only two shades at the moment: Light and Medium, which is a huge downsides to BB creams I find, BUT this product does seem to adapt to your skin tone nicely.

So Vichy have pulled it out of the bag again. I must admit, I am seeing more and more of their products in my collection and it's only a good thing. The Idealia BB Cream definitely one that could be on a lot of people's 'to-buy' list I think! It's not being called the 'BB Cream Converter' for nothing...

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. Great review, this sounds lovely :) xx

  2. I've seen this product on so many blogs. It sounds like such a lovely product, that actually delivers what it promises for a change! I just wish they did one slightly more pale, as I would love one! xxx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Lovely blog! Would you like follow each other?


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