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25 July 2013


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I remember when I was younger and lots of kids used to go to school with cute Kipling backpacks. I never had one as I had my Disney princess backpack (obviously) but I always wanted the little monkey hanging off the side of my bag secretly. Fact for the day, is that Kipling bags are named after Rudyard Kipling who wrote The Jungle Book, hence the monkeys which are like little mascots for the bags. So I guess technically, this is a Disney themed bag? (Any way to turn something into a Disney extravaganza eh?!) ;) Bagable are an online company based in Kent that sell a great variety of branded bags, and offering me the chance to review a bag, I couldn't say no - that little monkey was going to be mine!

After umming and ahhing, I decided to go for the Kipling Puppy Bag. This bag is more of a toiletry/wash bag duo, and I planned to have it in my bag for work with my makeup and toiletry necessities. I went for bright turquoise because it's one of my favourite colours, but there were 8 colours you could choose from, which is always nice as you could buy a dark one for a man and it be completely unisex. Thumbs up from me. This bag looks small, but wow is it spacious. I've managed to fit an array of deodorants, hairbrushes, mascaras, lipsticks etc in here and they fit perfectly comfortable. With a small zipped compartment at the front, a divider on the inside (to split your cosmetics from your toiletries), there is lots of room. And of course, my little monkey friend hanging off the side - it's a real treat to have him there! This has become the staple item in my handbag at the moment, and I can see it's going to keep me real company when at work, travelling, visiting family, going on holiday etc. You can currently pick it up for £27.20. Bagable's service was great too. 2nd Class Delivery is totally free, and it arrived quickly and in great order. Great news is that they post internationally too - time to get shopping all my overseas readers!

So what are your thoughts on Kipling? Do you find the little monkey guy as cute as I do? Personally, I love the brand even more now I know he's based on The Jungle Book! Always time for a Disney moment in my life ;)

-Tamsin xxx

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