Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream

12 July 2013


I always keep a hand cream of some sort accessible during the day, whether it be in my bag, or on my desk at work. It's essential. Our hands battle the elements every day. They go through tough some tough times. Tapping away at the keyboard, undoing jars and bottles, acid and grease from cooking etc, so it's good to give them some TLC when they need it. In the past, I've been a loyal L'Occitane Shea Butter fan, and of course I'm never without the classic Clarins Hand and Nail Cream. A new one to my collection is the Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream.

Bliss as a company is nearly 20 years old, and was founded in New York as a spa. They go for the fun, down to earth feel without being the standard spa. Along with this, they now focus on their products, tried and tested in their spas. It's a good way to have long lasting loyal supporters and I genuinely love the fact their business has stemmed from one spa. Nice one Bliss! But now onto the goods - the High Intensity Hand Cream. Let me start by telling you that this has one of the best scents in a hand cream I have ever tried. It is like a citrus burst from the moment it's on your skin. I'm a sucker for citrus and this pulls all the points. Full marks from me on that front. Laden with macadamia oil and grapeseed extract to maximise hydration with antioxidents, this does a good job of keeping your hands fully moisturised. I use two pea size amounts of the cream for both hands, and because it's so rich and creamy, it sinks right in, and I mean right in. Plus, there's no greasy residue - result.

So is the Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream total Bliss? It's definitely a favourite and up there with my L'Occitane and Clarins favs. Dry hands can be bliss-tory ;) (oh the shame!)

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. Im a hand cream fiend - I keep one EVERYWHERE! My hands get so sore in the winter. This looks like one for the list!

  2. I love citrus smells too, this sounds amazing! xx

  3. I always have a hand cream in my handbag too. You never know when you may need it x

  4. i adoreeee Bliss products! this is definitely something i need to try :) xox

  5. This sounds like it smells incredible! I'm not the biggest fan of the feeling of cream on my hands but I'm trying to be better about it because I want to keep my hands looking nice for as long as possible! I have a L'Occitane one on the go at the moment and although I always love them I think the time has come to try something new. Will definitely be giving this one a try!

    Jennie xo |

  6. I must be the only person that hasn't tried anything by Bliss! I do need a good hand cream, this sounds marvellous!



  7. Hand cream is so important! I always carrying a tube around with me. I blogged about Soap and Glory's hand food, love it!

    Alice xxxx


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