Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask

11 June 2013


Well over a year now, I ran into my local skincare boutique and begged the owner to find something that would help my parched skin feel like it had some life in it again. I suffer from nasty bouts of dry skin at various points through the year that makes your face feel so tight, it can't move - larrrvly. 'Try this - it's the HydraQuench Cream Mask from Clarins.' She gave me some generous 30ml samples and off I ran home excited to try the miracle cream that evening. As I said, it's over a year ago that this happened, and I am still very much in love with the same mask she suggested.

Clarins has a whole range of HydraQuench products, specifically tailored for dehydrated skin (of which I own them all..but that's another shopping related story..). The mask is a slightly more concentrated form of a daily moisturiser. I love the moisturiser, but sometimes, your skin just needs that extra boost - this is where on a normal evening I'd probably grab the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask, but occasionally, my skin needs a tad more hydration. This is when I go for the HydraQuench Mask. Application is simple - apply to the face and neck, and leave to do it's magic for 5-10 minutes. You can wipe away any excess but because my skin is usually crying for moisture, I leave any excess on. The formula is thicker and creamier than a moisturiser, and quite right too - this is an intensive mask we're after. Some people are known to put a real 'mask' on, but I find you don't actually need to put too much product on. As long as there is enough to cover your face, you know the ingredients will get down to the nitty gritty. So what ingredients are involved that make this so wonderful? Well there's Hyaluronic Acid which forms a magic barrier to keep all that well needed moisture in, Katafray Bark (which is from a tree in Madagascar) which helps to soothe and fortify the skin, and Sorbier Bud which activates skin microcirculation to help skin looking young and healthy looking. So lots of well travelled ingredients there, and we all know and love the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid don't we ladies. Ticks lots of boxes. Most of all, it leaves my skin feeling soft, fuller and massively hydrated. This isn't a mask to use daily, sometimes not even weekly. I go for this when my skin is feeling particularly parched so it gets the full intensive treatment it needs and deserves.

So I've been using this for over a year now as well as repurchasing around three times. It has stood the test of time with me and in my skincare favourites it will stay. As an 'intensive mask', this ticks many a box for me. It's soft, creamy, luxurious and does what it needs to do. My skin is left smiling, radiant and happy, and that always makes for a happy Tamsin. A 75ml tube usually retails at £33, but Escentual are currently doing 20% off Clarins, so you can grab it quickly at £26.40 here - you can thank me later ;)

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. I'm still yet to try any Clarins products - really do need to sort this out! this looks lovely!

  2. I adore Clarins products - I don't suffer from dry skin, in fact it can be quite oily, so I probably wouldn't pick this up, but generally I would recommend Clarins to anyone! xoxo

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  3. I love the smell of the HydraQuench line... definitely want to try this mask!

    Ellie | Ellalogy

  4. I am obsessed with moisture masks at the moment. This is going on the list. x

  5. My mum has always used clarins and her skin is amazing! She is nearly 60 and has less wrinkles than me!

  6. I am obsessed with face masks recently, check out some of mine :)


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