Upload: Blonde to Ombre Hair

14 May 2013


Remember to watch in HD!

When I say I have been thinking about doing this for months, I really mean months. The ombre/dip dye trend has been a fav of mine since I was very young - I distinctly remember 'dip-dying' my Barbie's hair with different shades of felt tip, and dabbled with having reds and darker browns put into the bottom of my hair when I was in the lower years at school. I've been blonde for around 8 years now, and you get happy. Comfortable. Secure. Even when you get itchy feet and think 'I really want to try that shade...' you don't let yourself do it because of that security and comfort. Well, today I beat that comfort and went for ombre well and truly

I've gone for a dark blonde which has been blended into my original bright blonde from before. The method used was a 'reverse ombre' effect which you will see in the YT video, and it was scary and fun all rolled into one. I am super happy with the results and it just goes to show, stepping outside that comfort zone isn't a bad idea at all sometimes. 

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- Tamsin xxx


  1. It REALLY suits you, you look so pretty.
    I have ombre hair but yours is much nicer!

    Kelly || DayDreamsDaisyChains.com

  2. Wow!! You look gorgeous! It really suits you! I love Ombre but my hair is too short to carry it off! x

  3. Your hair looks absolutely amazing and this color ir really natural! x


  4. Youlook absolutely beautiful Tamsin! Xxxx

  5. It looks stunning! I have dark hair and have been thinking about dying the ends blonde but I'm scared...! xoxo


  6. Love love love the new hair. Im debating doing something drastic to mine once our wedding has been and gone! I might go blonde again, or something similar to yours. not sure!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  7. Ah this looks absolutely beautiful on you!



  8. Your new hair suites you so well. You look absolutely stunning!

  9. You look so beautiful <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  10. This looks absolutely incredible. I love that your hair was actually blonde so you had the top darkened rather than the ends bleached. A much nicer way to do it and just looks amazing :) xx

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