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18 May 2013






Before we start, this isn't a post about a new tv show or a memory of the 90s. Oh no. This is a legit beauty/fashion accessory post, I promise. Functional is good and the standard ideal that we want from everything we use in life. Functional and pretty is a bonus, but lets face it: aesthetics make us happy. For example, I want a toaster that works, but I'd rather buy the toaster for my kitchen that matched the rest of the colour scheme. That's just the way we are as humans. We like things to look nice. Popband are new company that are aiming for just this: functional and pretty. The owners of Popband said the idea for functional but pretty hair accessories came to them one night, and since then, there's been no stopping them. Popband are cute, vibrant and fun hairbands that will hold your hair up tight but won't give you that kink and ridged 'I've had my hair in a ponytail all day' look afterwards. On the flipside, when you take your hair down, you don't have to wear a plain, standard hairband on your wrist that cuts off your circulation (yes, we've all been there and had that lovely indented groove around our wrists!). Popbands serve as something prettier for the wrist, with some of the bands being adorned with diamontes and charms, and a whole array of colours and designs for you to choose from.

I was sent a few to try out. At first, they did strike me as a bit 'primary school' and would probably be more of a hit with younger girls, but after using them, my mind has been swayed. Personally, I think the plain, bright neon ones are my favourites, and with the neon trends around, these can be incorporated into so many outfits. I've also loved the leopard print headband, and wearing this when I exercise and walk Max has kept all my long hair pushed securely back. I'm left with no kinks after wearing them during the day, no hair gets pulled out when taking the band out and lets face it, they are prettier to look at than normal hairbands. I am wondering if they will lose their shape after a while however - they are essentially elastic and elastic loses its shape after use, so we will see what happens - especially as my hair is so long and can be quite heavy. Apparently, these are quite the hit in the US at the moment so they've obviously stood the test of time across the pond! 

You can purchase Popbands from their website, get in touch via their Twitter and Facebook, and prices are between £4-£6. I want to get my hands on some of the glitter headbands to push back my hair when on holiday. Super kind to hair, and super cute to wear - (poet and I didn't know it) ;)

-Tamsin xxx

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  1. These are so cute! I am forever found with a hairband round my wrist and forever complaining at the pain- they really do cut off circulation and leave the ugliest marks. These are kind of young but they're cute and fun too. I'd definitely have a load of this round my wrist at the beach, ready to control my hair as soon as it needed it! xx

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  2. These are really cute, I love the yellow colour, feels really cheery and summer-y! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I love these so much! I got one of these in my joliebox ages ago, and they're so good. They really stay in place too, unlike other hair bands. Gotta love the leopard print though xxx

    Gemma | ♥ MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  4. Me encanta!! que chulos! gracias por compartir un beso

  5. Fun! I've made these for my cousin and mom, lol. Guess the DIY got picked up fast!

  6. Aw these a cute! I really want one..!

    Love your blog btw. :) xxx



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