Dr Bronner's Magic Soap

30 May 2013


Soap is just soap, right? Wrong. Oh don't worry, I used to think the same. Unlike a lot of beauty bloggers, I don't run out and buy something that's being hyped about straight away. Oh no. I'm more of a wiley fox - I stalk, skulk and watch from afar..I like to see how people get on with products before rushing in and splashing my cash, and read copious amounts of reviews and YouTube vids before burning my plastic. I was the same with Dr Bronner soap. I've always been aware of its existence and knew it was a brand that had been around for many years, but like I said, soap is just soap, surely? After watching from afar for a rather long time, I bit the bullet and bought it. After all, with the name 'magic soap' I was expecting good things.

Dr Bronner's variety of magic soaps are fair trade, organic and are made up of different smelling scents to tickle your fancy. I've been using the Citrus Orange Pure Castille Soap because I like fresh scents, but there's peppermint, lavender, and almond to name a few. What makes it a 'magic soap' then? It claims to be an 18-in-1 wondersoap. No kidding. That's a pretty bold statement to make I think. If I'm honest, I haven't yet tried washing Max with it, and I haven't asked Jonny to use it when shaving, and I haven't cleaned the kitchen floor with it, but I have been using it for bubble bath, cleaning make-up brushes and as a body wash. Because castille soap is completely organic, it is soft and friendly to your skin, meaning it will also be nice to your make-up brushes. I 'deep-clean' my brushes frequently, and to be honest you can use any soap or mild shampoo to clean your brushes, but I have been really favouring this recently. You only need a pea sized amount of the sopa which then lathers up nicely, cleans beautifully and makes the brushes smell rather delicious. A small but little fav effect of mine is the entertaining bottle - Dr Bronner put all his philosophies on the bottle, and at first they would be easy to miss, but take the time to read the bottle..it will give you a chuckle. 

So, is soap just soap? In essence, yes. But Dr Bronner has created a wonderful product with so many uses that I guess you can call it a magic soap. To find a soap that is so organic, natural and full of goodness is a rarity these days, as we are so used to concoctions of rubbish and nasties in our bottles. If you want to spend a tad more, then do try Dr Bronner. You can buy for around £5.49 online, but also check TK Maxx where you can often pick them up for half the price. The proof is in the using, and I'm on my second bottle which says a lot!

NB: Sorry for lack of blog posts this week - unfortunately I was in a car crash last week which has left me a little unsettled :( Positive news is that I now have 800 GFC readers..so thank you to all who read and comment. It means the world :)

-Tamsin xxx

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MAC Toxic Tale from Venomous Villains

23 May 2013






Once upon a time, in a land far away, MAC created a collection that Tamsin wanted to get her Disney obsessed soul upon. But alas, she didn't complete her collection and has spent the rest of her days searching for the items she needs to add to her makeup boudoir. Ok so the Venomous Villains collection was the perfect collection for me don't you think? (and possibly Steph..she's probably my Disney-obsessed twin). Back in 2010, I was still a humble student so didn't get around to splashing all my hard earned (?) student loan on every item in this collection, which was my intention. Plus, most of the items sold out within days, and with good reason - there were some fabulous offers. I did get my hands on a few bits, but one item I always wanted was..wait for it...a lipstick (shock horror). However, thanks to a blog sale, I finally snatched it up - Toxic Tale.

Toxic Tale is part of the Evil Queen series and was based upon a mixture of the lip shades you see on the Evil Queen in the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarves film. As it was a mixture and they wanted a wearable shade, they went for a coral. Toxic Tale is a bright, bright coral orange and is pretty much opaque. (It's kind of like a more neon version of Everhip with a lot more pigmentation or could be compared to Morange). It is very, very pigmented and holds its wear well - I test my wear of lipsticks on my cup of Earl Grey and this lippie pleased me well. It has a satin finish which means it's creamy in application, soft to wear and as I said, has that long-wear that you want. Sometimes MAC Satin finish lippies can be a bit drying to a bit of lip prep before application wouldn't go amiss. Those who know me and my blog well will know that I tend to sway more towards coral and pink lipsticks than anything else, and it's lipsticks like Toxic Tale that keep me coming back for more. They just add that instant zing and zest that I want when I need to brighten my makeup up, and boy do they do it well.

Unfortunately this was limited edition so it's hard to find nowadays, but keep your eyes peeled. Like I said, I got mine from a blog sale and it was worth every penny. Not only does it fill my lipstick needs, but it makes me go all fuzzy and warm inside when I look at the packaging - Disney nerd alert (jk I don't care.)

-Tamsin xxx

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A Happy Sunday

19 May 2013

I'm having one of those days where every little thing is making you smile, and you appreciate all that is going on around you. I've done my workout for day, had a gloriously long shower using all my favourite 'for a special day' products even though today is nothing special, I've popped to Boots for an obligatory browse, walked Max, shared a glass of Pimms with some neighbours and I plan to spend the rest of today relaxing watching dvd's and doing my nails - what a nice Sunday indeed. Here are some of the things that have made me happy today.


001. Minimal make-up days. Sometimes it's nice wearing the bare minimum on your face.


002. Freshly made beds and cushions. For me, I'm not ready to start the day until my bed is made and cushions assembled. I just feel more ready, awake, and organised.


003. Pretty looking perfumes. I have mine on aligned on my chest of drawers and mirror - how can perfume not make you smile? Especially when you have pretty Chanel bottles.


004. Tulips in a jug. Even though tulips don't last as long as some flowers (and these will soon be on the way out) they still look fresh and the epitome of Spring.


005. Spending time recording. I'm nearing 250 subscribers on my YouTube channel and uploaded a new cover last night - a duet of 'I See The Light' from Disney's Tangled. Thank you to everyone who has subbed and leaves comments on my videos :)


006. Heart shaped fruit basket. I love fruit at the best of times, but in this lovely heart shaped basket that Jonny bought for the kitchen a few months ago, it looks even more yummy.

Other things I'm happy about: Steph becoming engaged - I am beyond excited for her! Brogan reaching 10k subs on YouTube..if you're not subbed to her..why not?! My new smoothie maker is on it's way and should be here tomorrow..time to use that fruit up in a scrumptious way.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday and remembering to appreciate all things that make you smile :)

-Tamsin xxx

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Popband - Hair and Wrist Candy

18 May 2013






Before we start, this isn't a post about a new tv show or a memory of the 90s. Oh no. This is a legit beauty/fashion accessory post, I promise. Functional is good and the standard ideal that we want from everything we use in life. Functional and pretty is a bonus, but lets face it: aesthetics make us happy. For example, I want a toaster that works, but I'd rather buy the toaster for my kitchen that matched the rest of the colour scheme. That's just the way we are as humans. We like things to look nice. Popband are new company that are aiming for just this: functional and pretty. The owners of Popband said the idea for functional but pretty hair accessories came to them one night, and since then, there's been no stopping them. Popband are cute, vibrant and fun hairbands that will hold your hair up tight but won't give you that kink and ridged 'I've had my hair in a ponytail all day' look afterwards. On the flipside, when you take your hair down, you don't have to wear a plain, standard hairband on your wrist that cuts off your circulation (yes, we've all been there and had that lovely indented groove around our wrists!). Popbands serve as something prettier for the wrist, with some of the bands being adorned with diamontes and charms, and a whole array of colours and designs for you to choose from.

I was sent a few to try out. At first, they did strike me as a bit 'primary school' and would probably be more of a hit with younger girls, but after using them, my mind has been swayed. Personally, I think the plain, bright neon ones are my favourites, and with the neon trends around, these can be incorporated into so many outfits. I've also loved the leopard print headband, and wearing this when I exercise and walk Max has kept all my long hair pushed securely back. I'm left with no kinks after wearing them during the day, no hair gets pulled out when taking the band out and lets face it, they are prettier to look at than normal hairbands. I am wondering if they will lose their shape after a while however - they are essentially elastic and elastic loses its shape after use, so we will see what happens - especially as my hair is so long and can be quite heavy. Apparently, these are quite the hit in the US at the moment so they've obviously stood the test of time across the pond! 

You can purchase Popbands from their website, get in touch via their Twitter and Facebook, and prices are between £4-£6. I want to get my hands on some of the glitter headbands to push back my hair when on holiday. Super kind to hair, and super cute to wear - (poet and I didn't know it) ;)

-Tamsin xxx

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Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rose Neon

16 May 2013





It seems to be imprinted into my DNA that pink shall be worn on my lips and it shall be good. I love the playfulness that pink lippies can portray, and they can instantly give an outfit a little hint of fun and 'I'm not completely serious' feel, which is me all over. In the new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick collection, Rose Neon stuck out to me like a sore thumb and I was desperate to get my little hands on it. Only downside is that there wasn't a single lipstick on the Bourjois counter in my local Boots that hadn't been tested or all bashed up - massive pet hate - please give your counters some tlc Boots! I finally picked it up recently and it has been happily on my lips since.

Rose Neon (12) comes from the 'Colour Block' shades and is the more Barbie pink of the collection, but not as bright and in your face as MAC Saint Germain. It also has a hint of MAC Viva Glam Gaga about it too. It's a cool, blue toned, bubblegum pink that isn't as bright as you'd expect it to be, but has a brilliant amount of pigmentation and relatively good lasting power. Apparently, infused with Orchid Blossom extract is what makes these lipsticks so moisturising and hydrating, and I'm happy to report that I get no dryness with this lipstick - something which can be a downside to these shade lipsticks. Don't be put off by the word 'neon' in its name - it's not particularly neon - it's just more of an amplified, brighter shade of light rose and I've found it more wearable than I thought. Application is smooth and silky, and the finish is lustre and shiny - just what you want from a pigmentated lipstick. Highly affordable too at £7.99, I think Bourjois have filled their lipstick shaped hole with a winning collection here. There's a couple of other shades I want to try too - Beige Trench and Fraise Remix look like they would settle down nicely in my collection ready for Summer!

-Tamsin xxx

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Upload: Blonde to Ombre Hair

14 May 2013


Remember to watch in HD!

When I say I have been thinking about doing this for months, I really mean months. The ombre/dip dye trend has been a fav of mine since I was very young - I distinctly remember 'dip-dying' my Barbie's hair with different shades of felt tip, and dabbled with having reds and darker browns put into the bottom of my hair when I was in the lower years at school. I've been blonde for around 8 years now, and you get happy. Comfortable. Secure. Even when you get itchy feet and think 'I really want to try that shade...' you don't let yourself do it because of that security and comfort. Well, today I beat that comfort and went for ombre well and truly

I've gone for a dark blonde which has been blended into my original bright blonde from before. The method used was a 'reverse ombre' effect which you will see in the YT video, and it was scary and fun all rolled into one. I am super happy with the results and it just goes to show, stepping outside that comfort zone isn't a bad idea at all sometimes. 

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- Tamsin xxx

Models Own Pink Punch

12 May 2013



I am like a magpie for a lot of things, and one of these elements is neon. Add it into a nail polish, mix it with a bit of Models Own magic, et voila - a winning combo in all of my books. The Ice Neon collection has got to be one of my fav shares from Models Own in a long time. The five neon blinding shades are the perfect addition for Summer and holidays, although nothing stops me from wearing neon all year round if I'm honest. Housed in an iced, frosty bottle, Models Own recommend keeping these babies in the fridge to protect the fluoro from fading. I recently picked up two of the shades which you might have spotted in my recent haul video and I think my fav of the two has to be Pink Punch.

Pink Punch is an orange pink that really packs a punch (A* to me for some serious alliteration there). These are made up of the usual easy to use formula that Models Own offer, and you only need two coats with this shade to get a bright and vibrant colour. Another feature of these polishes? They have a specific matte finish - this can be changed by putting a top coat on which I have tried also, and both do the shade justice. If I'm honest, it's not the end of the world if you don't put the bottle in the fridge - the fluoro shades are so bright that it doesn't make much of a difference. I will say that photos don't do the brightness justice - these really are fluoro! It is kinda fun to see your family or friends do a double take when there are a load of polishes in the fridge instead of food however ;)

At a usual £5 per polish, you cannot go wrong. I haven't taken this shade of my fingers in weeks now and come rain or shine, I think it's going to be on my pinkies for a while!

-Tamsin xxx

Lipstick Queen in Saint Rose

8 May 2013





Every visit to Space NK sees me hovering over the Lipstick Queen counter. The variety of colours and collections is too good to not spend time swatching my whole arm (you've done it too ladies...). However, I never usually settle on an item and leave with a multi-coloured skin pattern and wondering if I should have bitten the bullet and just bought something. For the LQ virgins who may be reading, Lipstick Queen is the baby of Poppy King - she failed to find her perfect lipstick, so decided to create her own range. Fast forward 20 years, et voila - Lipstick Queen is a huge brand with an array of lip products to suit every lip out there. The counters are always full of colour and vibrance, and you get a real sense that the brand is a brand with a mission.

For the more matte lovers, there is the Sinners collection, and for the sheer lovers, you have the Saint collection. My newest LQ addition is Saint Rose. Being from the Saint collection, it's a much sheerer formula and is completely buildable to create a 'barely there' look or a more full lip, doused with shine and moisture. I will admit, when I bought this, I thought it was going to be slightly pinker than it was when it arrived. It's quite an understated shade and isn't one I'd usually pick up and swatch, but I was after a shade that would be wearable for day, night, casual, work etc, and it really fits the bill. The Saint collection has a lower pigment count and is free of shimmer or sparkles making every shade completely wearable. 

So despite this not being the shade I thought it was going to be, I've really fallen in love with its subtleness and simplicity. There are a lot of different formulas and collections from LQ you can dabble with, but the Saint collection is one that could make anyone happy. At £18 a pop, it's not a cheap purchase, but I have a sneaky suspicion that no-one could be disappointed with any lippy from LQ.

-Tamsin xxx

Upload: Collective Haul

7 May 2013

I've been good with not spending a lot recently, due to all our house moving stuff going on, so I thought I'd put together a little collective haul video today. I'm going through a 'must buy tons of lip products' stage at the moment so there are two lipsticks in there, as well as a couple of hair and bathroom products. I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful weather we're having (although sadly it is meant to be short lived - typical).

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-Tamsin xxx