Vlog 3 - Clips from Wales and Life Update

16 April 2013

Back to work, crappy weather, boyfriend away for another 3 months, rejections from jobs - yesterday was indeed a rather pants day and I was feeling pretty negative, which I hate because I'm always such an upbeat, happy and positive person. Good news is I had a lovely call today offering me a job! It's in a role completely worlds apart from teaching but I am SO excited to start in a few months. Perseverance really does pay off, and even on those down days, never give up

So now the hunt is on for Jonathan and I to find a new house to live in as we will be moving back to London! I will be near home, my family and friends and can be back in the city I grew up in and feel comfortable with, as well as Jonny being able to actually come home every day as he's moving to a new base which is a huge bonus in a military life - it's something we've not had in 3 years. Thank you to everyone who has given me support - my blogging network helps so much and I feel very lucky :)

A new video is up on my YT - a mish mash of a chatty session where I moan about still searching for a job (I filmed it before I got the call) ;) and also some clips of us in the snow in Lake Vrynwy in Wales when we were away. If you're not subbed to my channel, please do - I've just hit 200 followers which is amazing :)

-Tamsin xxx


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