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30 April 2013





Free delivery from MAC the other day was too good of an opportunity to miss, so a little purchase was in order. Standard. I remember the days when a MAC lippie used to be around the £11 mark - how times have changed. Instead of going for a standard lipstick, the Sheen Supreme collection was calling my name on this occasion. I adore the Sheen Supreme's because they give you the whack of pigmentation you like with a lipstick, but have the finish of a gloss without being overly sticky (and we know how I feel about sticky lipgloss). You can also tell Sheen Supreme's by their shiny black exterior - a nice change from standard packaging and it mimics their 'sheeny' claims. Seeing as we're having a spurt of nice weather, 'Insanely It' ended up in my basket - it's a bright watermelon Barbie pink which is right up my street, but not quite opaque so the sheen element stands out, along with the purple pink shimmer in the formula. Staying power isn't as great as I'd like, but with Sheen Supreme's, I find I prefer to reapply the shade to keep the shine there - another tip with these is to apply one layer, let it semi-dry and then apply a second layer for a real pigment pop!

You can purchase the Sheen Supreme collection from here, and you should definitely check them out as an alternative to the standard MAC lippies, especially as there's not much of a difference in price - these are currently £14.50. I think I've found me a new winning S/S shade and it's a gorgeous, glossy, pink number - how can you blame me?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Thats such a pretty colour and suits you so well! I need a colour like this but do find it hard to justify the price sometimes but they are great lipsticks! xx

  2. This really is such a gorgeous colour! I love the no7 sheen lippies. They're great!

  3. It's a gorgeous colour!x

  4. That looks so nice on you!!! X

  5. I've never looked into them but this is so so beautiful! x

  6. Love this colour on you girl! May need to look back into MAC again :) x

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  7. You have the most gorgeous blog.. I had to follow you :D xx

    This is a stunning lipstick shade, I've never tried any of the other MAC ranges of lipsticks.. I think I need to venture out of my comfort zone! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. Such a beautiful colour and I love how shiney it is too!

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  9. This is so pretty! And the finish of these lipsticks sounds much more my thing than the standard mac lippies... will have to give this range, and this colour, a shot! xx

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