Lake Vyrnwy

3 April 2013

Yes, you did read that's not a typo. I'm currently in a cottage on the Welsh border for the week so have been spending a lot of time in places we can't pronounce. I love Wales and its people but sometimes your place names do take the mick ;) Anyhow, donned in about 5 layers of clothes, I drove to Lake Vyrnwy - a huge nature reserve and estate with a massive lake and dam at the heart of it.



The amount of snow there is at the moment is quite amazing. Instead of taking one of the very snowed over walking routes, I went for one of the main roads as it was shut because of so many trees having fallen down because of snow. There was no-one around and it was like I was hiking in the Alps or similar.

Remember the gazelle/hare type jumps that I said Max does in the snow? Well here's proof. He did lots of gazelle/hare jumping. Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of gazelle/hare jumping.



I tried to imitate him at one point and ended up falling down a snowy hill, tearing my leggings and ripping my knee in four places. Ripped clothes and bloody knees. Keeping graceful and classy as ever. 

When I arrived back to where I'd parked the car, it appeared I'd trekked almost 7 miles. Max was asleep the minute we got into the car to go home and stayed asleep for the whole evening. Gazelle/hare jumps in the snow are a good workout apparently.



If you get the chance to explore Lake Vyrnwy then you must take up the opportunity. I only saw a small area of it because of snow but the estate is huge - I'd love to go back!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. beautiful photos!!! adorable puppy! :*

  2. This place looks gorgeous! I love Wales so much! I would move to Pembrokshire in a heart beat if it wasn't so far away from my mum!

    Max looks like he loved all the jumping through the snow! I'm glad you're having a lovely time! I can't believe all the snow! We've had lovely sunshine down here in the South! xx

  3. It really does look breathtaking!

  4. Beautiful, what a great get away. You can't beat walking in the snow and getting all warm and rosy. And I have said it/thought it many times, your dog is awesome and I think he should be my dog's boyfriend!

  5. I'm welsh and still cant pronounce half the names! Gorgeous pictures.

    Jess xo

  6. This looks ridiculously picturesque! I have a week off & what I'd do to be spending it there :) jealous.xx

  7. Hi I just found your lovely little blog, it so pretty. xx That a really gorgeous selection of pictures there, i love one with the dog and the snow!!

  8. Wow, this is amazing- definitely doesn't look like the UK!! Poor you for falling over though, bad boyfriend for laughing. xx


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