Billy and Margot Nutritious Treats for Dogs

25 April 2013


A week ago, I was on a dog walk with my family and as it was a nice day, ice creams were suggested. I declined the ice cream, but was promptly given a tub type ice cream (like you'd get at the theatre). My uncle then exclaimed 'It's not for's for Max!' You heard me right - ice cream for dogs. In the tub was a mixture of fruit puree, banana, apple, carrot, aloe vera and flax seed oil - all of which would be healthy, cooling in the sun and a real treat for Max. He absolutely loved this treat and when I got home, I emailed the company to say how much I loved their product and to find out a little more about them.

You may recognise the name Billy and Margot as they were featured on Dragon's Den, and fortunately for the business owners, Deborah Meaden loved the products and they made a deal. Since then, there's been no looking back and the Billy and Margot business (which is named after their dogs) is climbing from success to success. They offer a huge range of treats that are nutritious and luxurious for your pooches without being ridiculously expensive either, and it's even better that this company was the dream of a dog owner and that its now become reality.



I had a little parcel through the post box today which had Max sniffing around like a Bloodhound. Filled with Billy and Margot treats for Max, there was the choice of dried venison treats and dog friendly popcorn to try. To start with, Max hung around looking rather moody that I didn't open them straight away - he just doesn't understand that photos come first with blogging! Adorned with the statement 'for paws only', I knew this was a tasting quest only Max could em'bark' on (my attempt at a canine pun there).


Max has always been a fan of popcorn and when we have movie nights, he often gets a treat or two. However, I've always been careful because I worry about what is good for his little tummy. Enter 'popcorn for dogs'. 100% air-popped popcorn with seaweed seasoning, low calories, gluten and preservative free - you can't go wrong really. The seaweed seasoning comes from the waters around Ireland and contains lots of fab minerals and vitamins which are a great addition for any dog. Max loved these straight away and because of the ziplock bag, they keep for 2 weeks or so - perfect. The 20g bag is only £1.99 too - even more perfect.



Venison is a common occurence in our household, and Max is forever sniffing in the air for his share. Thanks to the 'dried venison treats', Max can officially have his own venison delights. The venison treats are little pieces of 100% air-dried British venison meat and are very high in protein. Max was in his element with these and I promptly had to take these away otherwise I had a feeling he could have hijacked the bag and the treats would be no more. For a 75g bag, these are £3.69 and what a fabulous treat these are for your pooch.


I am SO glad I have discovered Billy and Margot. I love nothing more than finding new companies and trying to support them in their journeys, and I'm going to be a supporter of B&M for the long haul now. It's a wonderful story with fabulous intentions - I have a sneaky suspicion Max is a fan now too...


-Tamsin xxx


  1. What a great idea! Glad Max likes his treats, he's very cute :) xx

  2. I think my pup would absolutely LOVE these! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I love this post! I will have to get Grizzle some of these soon!

  4. That last photo is just brilliant! What a cutie.x


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