Rampant Sporting leggings via Zalando

9 March 2013


I'm very much an observer. The term 'look before you leap' is very much a phrase you could describe my outlook by. Hence, I often wait to see reviews from people about products, websites, shops etc before I splash my cash. I didn't join Glossybox for example until about 4 boxes had been and gone. I'm hasty with online shopping too. I'm a traditionalist and do like trying things on in the shop, feeling the material, seeing the colour in the flesh etc, so when Zalando got in contact to offer me a £20 gift voucher, I thought it was a good way to test their service and see what products they had to offer. Again, I learnt about Zalando by reading peoples blogs and had never bought anything from them, but delving in further, they have a whole array of great items from clothes to homewhere.

I opted for some Rampant Sporting leggings for £19. Rampant Sporting are still pretty hidden underneath Jack Wills, Hollister and similar, but they deserve more publicity and I hope to grow to a huge success. The company was started by a 21 year old university student at Exeter University, and started selling rugby and sport socks from his garage - nothing like supporting a genuine, hard grinding and local company eh? The leggings are hard wearing, not at all sheer, and have a typical university outfitter style waistband. Super comfort and style added to classic leggings. Perfect. I've been wearing them with everything recently - when walking Max, lounging indoors, out and about with a dress etc. I was going to buy some new Topshop leggings for £12 because my newest pair suddenly had a huge hole in which I was really disappointed with, but for a fiver more, these really are fabulous. I will try and get them into an outfit post next time.

What have your experiences been like with Zalando? I ordered the leggings on a Thursday morning and they were with me by the Monday which is pretty good too for delivery, and I'd definitely shop with them again. Also, go explore Rampant Sporting more - you can find them in various places such as Zalando, Joules and Amazon, and it should be in our British spirit to support a totally British brand.

-Tamsin xxx


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