One Line A Day Memory Book

22 March 2013




Diaries have come and gone over the years. I love to write, and enjoyed looking back on diaries but a busy childhood and working life have made it almost impossible to keep them going, something of which I've always hated. Diaries document so much - how we change, how we've grown, the people we love or used to love, friends we have or used to know, holidays, birthdays, and also those special moments we hope to remember forever. But it's amazing how much we forget isn't it? I know there's so much that I don't want to forget. What with going through a career change (of which I've no idea what I will be doing), living in a military relationship where we struggle through months of separation, and the little moments that mean nothing to someone else but everything to me - I want to document these things! 

My new One Line A Day diary is the solution to this although you could call it more of a 'memory book'. It's a gorgeous duck egg coloured bound book with gold edged pages, and its size is smaller than a normal sized book so that you can pop it in any bag and take it anywhere. It gives you about five lines to write on a day so you can note down the important or noteworthy things you want to include, so it's not as intimidating as a blank page can be to some. Not only this, but this is a five year diary. Each day has room for five entries and you note down the year you're writing in. Practical and good value for money. My only con about the book is that it has a huge sticker on the back which kind of detracts from this books charm, and I'm too scared to take it off in case it damages the book. However, this really is no biggie. Since buying this, I've managed to successfully keep my little diary entries every day. Already looking back on the diary tells me a lot about myself - I'm a positive person, laughter is one of my favourite things in the world, and I worry to much. I'm excited for it to be the following year already in a weird way, just so I can come round to a day and see what I was up to at that time last year.

One Line A Day five year memory book is only £8.27 and I'd highly recommend it to you. Memories are worth more than gold and I'm sure you don't want to lose yours, much like I don't want to lose mine. I wonder what I will write at the end of today?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I really like the sound of this, I'm currently doing that happiest jar for the year, which i'm enjoying but I think something like this will be nice so i can look back on my daily life. I would love to keep a diary but I always forget to write in it so this may be a better alternative. I'll add it to my basket and get it when my spending ban is over xx

  2. I've seen a couple of people write about one of these and they look sooooo good! I'm very tempted to get one myself. x

  3. Think im going to have to get one of these soon! x

  4. I love mine because it's so easy to remember to do. Instead of writing loads and loads you can just capture the main parts of your day. I can't wait to get round the the beginning of mine to start again! :)

  5. This is such a beautiful book! I love how you dont have to write masses to fill it but maybe only a sentance a day of how your day was or what made you happy or smile that day! :) XX

    Glitter And Sparkle

  6. I really must buy one of these for next year. I always see them in Christmas hauls but by then it is too late to buy one for the next year. The colour of this one is gorgeous too xo

  7. I think this is an awesome idea! I love looking back at my old diaries - it all started after reading Ane Frank's diary :) but i wish i kept a diary around the time i met my current boyfriend - we used have a long distance relationship for roughly four years just up until last May, when he moved up to where i live :) it was tough only seeing each other only once a month but it's those special moments that made me value what i had/have :)
    I need to buy this next payday :)

  8. Oh, what a lovely idea! I try to take Instagrams for the same logic but this is much better haha.

    Lela -

  9. This is a very great idea :)
    Besides the memory book is very beautiful


    Coline ♡

  10. This is such a great idea, it'll be so nice to be able to look back over in the years to come! <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. Fab idea. Think I might get one for myself and a couple more as gifts. :-)

  12. OMG I am obsessed with stationery, notebooks and diaries and I need this in my life, thaks so much for sharing...I hope they ship to Australia.
    Great blog by the way

    love Hayley :)


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