Life Update and Vlog 2

6 March 2013


Some months are pretty standard. Some months are exciting loads of good things happen. February was the latter so I feel an update is due. Above is Max relaxing with his favourite bone. What a poser.

001. I pick up my new car on Sunday! 'But isn't your current car only 9 months old?' you ask. Yes, technically it is, but fortunately for me (and I am extremely fortunate) my Grandpa was a very important man within Ford and so because of him, Ford are very kind to me. The new Fiesta with the eco engine is out and they rung up and asked if I'd like to swap my current Fiesta for a new one, so during February, Jonny and I popped by Ford and signed all the paperwork for two new Fiestas. Jonny's Fiesta was only 12 months old too so we feel very spoilt but it's a lovely perk of having an important Grandpa! Jonny has changed his car colour from white to red, and mine is changing from navy blue to white..I'm very excited!

002. Last week, Jonny had a whole week off which is a rarity. We visited the Aqua Sana spa at Longleat last Tuesday and it was such a wonderful day. We had afternoon tea, and spent 4 hours lounging around and exploring the various spa rooms. It has a 'World of Spa' theme, and so all the various spa experience rooms are themed around different treatments around the world. Our favourites were the Turkish Hammam and the Balinese Multi-Steam Room. If you're ever near Warminster or Longleat, then do consider going - it was a lovely afternoon and we were so relaxed after we ditched dinner, and just ate a bowl of popcorn whilst watching Skyfall in our onesies. Bliss.

003. We've booked a mini break during the Easter holidays, although unlike us, it's a break in the UK. Usually I'm pining to go abroad either for culture, sport or just to tan it up, but this time we're doing it different. We've booked a cottage in Shropshire 5 miles from the Anglo-Welsh border - neither of us have ever visited Shropshire! So this is going to be a totally new experience for us. Our cottage has a log burner (for my pyromaniac boyfriend), a hot tub so we can hopefully sit out under the stars (please treat us nicely English weather!) and it also takes dogs, so Max is coming too. We're going to explore little villages, go for long walks and just try and relax. The break is slap bang in the week between both of our birthdays so it will be nice to get away. We booked through Hot Tub Holiday if you wanted to treat yourselves to a mini break - we're away for 4 nights and it was unbelievably cheap.

004. New cover is on my YouTube. I went for the new Bruno Mars song 'When I Was Your Man' but gave it a little female twist. Bruno Mars' simple piano songs are some of his best I think - you can really get into the song when you're singing.

005. After such lovely feedback from my first vlog from last month, I've filmed another and it's up on my YouTube now. There was a spring in my step the whole day because of the sun being out and Max had a great time on the common, not getting filthy in mud for once. Hurrah! I hope you enjoy it - I'm starting to like this vlogging business ;)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Just found your vlogs :) I hope you do more x

  2. How lucky are you with your important Grandpa :) you'll have to post a pic of the new car when it arrives! That photo from your house is so beautiful I want to lie in front of the fireplace with Max! Your break away sounds perfect, sometimes its good to explore new places in your home country. If you do decide to pop to Malta any time let me know though and we can do cocktails ;) xx

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  3. Your voice is just incredible!! Hope you have a lovely mini break over easter & would love to see more vlogs
    Bella xxx

  4. Look how cute Max looks!

    Your voice is beautiful X

  5. How exciting that you're getting a new Ford! I've had my Fiesta from new for nearly 4 years now and I absolutely love it. You definitely need to do a post on the new one, I'd love to read it.

    Oh and a hot tub break? How bloomin amaze! Hope you and your boyfriend enjoy your break.


  6. Hope you enjoy your break lovely! xxx

  7. What a lovely voice you have! You should be very proud! New cars are so exciting! Your fireplace looks lovely and cosy too! Bet Max loves that in the winter.


  8. you have a lovely blog:)

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    what do you think?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  9. This sounds like an AMAZING month! I've never been to Shropshire either, but it's supposed to be gorgeous. And you have no idea how jealous I am of your new Fiesta- the new ones are amazing! x

  10. Lovely blog dear - im your new follower x


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