Ladies Day at Cheltenham Gold Cup

12 March 2013

My parents with my godfather and their closest friends enjoying Cheltenham Gold Cup - no doubt very 'merry'

My family can always be found at the Cheltenham Gold Cup races. Every year it comes around and they head off to the clean Cotswold air to have a bit of a gamble, have a laugh with some of their oldest friends and generally become quite merry. They don't usually do Ladies Day as they're more of the 'classic' type of folk, donning tweed, thick trenches and wool jackets, and I'm very similar in my dress code. However, I've always wanted to go to Ladies Day, partly because I enjoy gambling (my naughty vice) and partly because when it is not fun to dress up? Unfortunately, as always, I won't be going because I will be working, but seeing as Ladbrokes challenged me to put together my perfect outfit for Ladies Day, I will pretend I'm going on this occasion. Humour me - a girl can dream of an impromptu day off!


The Florencia Bow Dress (£135) is incredibly flattering and has the simplistic feel, with the added attention of the bow. I love multi use items, and even though you could wear this at a more dressed up event, I can see someone wearing it with pretty sandals and a denim jacket on holiday. The Club Stripe Blazer (£175) from Crew is something that I would wear daily. With a dress it looks fab. With jeans, it looks fab. You can't go wrong really, and it keeps the traditionalist feel to the outfit. The classic LK Bennett Harper Leather Platform shoes (£195) are a no brainer really. Do I need to say much about these beauties? I'd love to know how many of these Kate Middleton gets through in a year! Fascinators are something that you don't get to wear much unless you're constantly at weddings or fine events, so it's always nice to have a really gorgeous one. Keeping on the nude theme, the Mia Hatinator (£69.99) would be a great choice for any outfit or event. Finally, the Nude Triangle Lock Clutch (£12.99) from New Look - the large envelope clutch has been on the scene for well over a year now and it's not set to leave yet. This nude version means it's versatile and blends well, yet it's big enough to hold all of your belongings. It isn't the cheapest of outfits but remember...I'm doing make believe here! 

If you're heading to Ladies Day at Cheltenham tomorrow, have a wonderful time. Have a cheeky bet on a horse and see what happens. You never know ;) I will be working all day but the red dress from Coast has gone into my wishlist folder. If you see my parents, say hi. They'll be the ones cackling like hyenas after too many glasses of champagne, much like the photo above.

-Tamsin xxx

*In collaboration with Ladbrokes*


  1. I adore that little hat (not sure what else to call it, I adore it though) , it's so chic and SO classic!

    1. Fascinators are the cutest aren't they?! x

  2. Rich went today and said it was freeezzzzinngg, I couldn't wear that outfit! haha, but still v.pretty xx

  3. I love that blazer! You're right, it would go with absolutely everything!

  4. The dress is perfect! I love Coast dresses, they're always amazing.

  5. This outfit is gorgeous dear! The dress is sooo beautiful and chic, love it! :))



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