How to recycle your Yankee Candle jars

14 March 2013


Burn baby burn! I usually find myself shouting that at a candle when it's near the dregs of its wax. But what do you do after it's finished and you're left with the jar? In the bin? Recyle? Recycle...yes. But not at the bottle bank. I mean really recycle it. Put something to a new use. Give it a new lease of life.

I have a number of Yankee Candles dotted around my home. With fragrances to suit everyone, you can't go wrong. Another reason I love them is for the jars. They look good, yes, but recycling them can be even more fun than watching them burn and breathing in their aromas. Seeing as I've got a number of recycled jars dotted around my house, I thought I'd share my uses and ideas with you.
Well this is a sorry looking jar isn't it? It lasted a long time and smelt great, but it doesn't look a patch on its former self. But lets change that shall we?

001. Burn down the candle as much as you can. With Yankee Candles, it's possible to burn them down so there's literally nothing left but the metal wick.

002. Fill up the jar with warm to hot water with a little bit of washing up liquid. Leave for a minute. Then drain. With a knife, you should be able to pop the metal wick out quite easily, and scrape or flick out the remaining wax. If you struggle with this, you can always put the jar in the freezer for a few hours, and then try getting the wax out with your knife.

003. Take the label off - this can be easy or difficult depending on if you let yours shrivel like mine. Peel it off as much as you can...if it's stuck on quite firmly, use a little washing up liquid on a scourer and put your back into it ;)

004. There will probably be glue/wax/soot inside and outside of the jar. Time to do some cleaning. Again, washing up liquid works fine. Be patient with this bit, especially if there's glue left from the label on the outside of the jar. It will eventually all come off!

005. Then dry with a piece of kitchen towel or similar - if it still needs a deep clean, pop it in the dishwasher.

So there's your jar all ready for recycling. Now what shall we use it for?



Of course there's the popular make up brush storage - these big jars look lovely when you use coloured gravel you'd put at the bottom of fish tanks at the bottom and then your brushes on top.


One of my fav uses is pen storage, and it looks fab on any desk. Pencil cases are so 1999. 


Another use is for food - no need to buy that extra mason/kilner jar when you have a recycled Yankee Candle jar! But, seeing as it's nearly Easter, I've been storing Mini Eggs. This would make a lovely gift (with a better piece of ribbon than the one tied around mine!)

So what do you think you'd store in your Yankee Candle jar? Small jars are great for things like paperclips or kirbygrips, and medium and large jars suit a variety of uses. Remember to be a keen, green recycling machine ;)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I have NEVER thought of using these for Easter (or similar) gifts, they look lovely with the Mini Eggs and a ribbon! I will be doing this next time i finish a candle!

    Hannah xx

  2. I never know what to do with my yankee candles once they've finished - definitely going to re-use them! Great post xx

  3. i love the idea of re-using my YC jars but I just don't have the patience to scrub them out after :p xx

  4. cute ideas :) x

  5. Awww what a lovely idea :) Gonna go and light my candles so i can do this as soon as possible.... :) x

  6. I loved this post :) I always try to re-use any jars & make them pretty, these yankee candle ones work fab!


  7. They all look wonderful, especially the mini egg one! xo

  8. They look awesome Tamsin, LOVE the mini eggs one! I'm thinking of going to get me a new candle to use up just for this now ;)

    Douwe Egberts coffee jars are good for this too - I have my hair ties in one of them!

    Zoe xoxo

  9. I love this idea - really nice. I've done it for a while already and its so helpful! Pity my cats keep smashing the bottles though... little buggers :)

  10. This is amazing, this would never cross my mind! Great post xx

  11. i always do this! The are like little funny bell jars :D xx

  12. Amazing, thanks for this! Bookmarking it, as I think these will be great for food photography props.

  13. ah which I'd held onto mine now! x

  14. I literally LOVE this post!!! I have 3 yankee candle jars I was going to throw away but now I will use them as decoration and storage!
    Loved this!

    faye xx

  15. Love these ideas! The mini eggs look so cute!

    Much Love,

  16. I've got some hot water in my finished YCs at the moment. They're only the small jars, but I'm sure I'll find a use for them somewhere.


  17. Hi, if you keep the lid around, its possible to use the jar as terrarium! Especially with the pretty pastel pebbles that you already have =) Just a suggestion for another possible use =D

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