Essie 'Thigh High'

20 March 2013



I have always taken great pride in my nails. They grow well, are pretty strong and as I try to paint them three times a week, they very rarely break and are always in good nick. They have a nice length and it can make nail art fun. However, in the middle of my career change, I've been so busy worrying, searching for jobs, running around doing lots of other things that my nails just haven't taken a usual priority like they usually would. They've become a lot more brittle, some have broken shorter and they're just not how I like them to be. It might seem trivial but it saddens me as it shows just how busy and manic it's been recently, and that I need to make time in my new career for the 'little trivial things' that change my mood and outlook.

That being said, I managed to get a little 'Thigh High' from Essie onto my nails today. If you like blood sultry burgundy red, then this is a good colour for you. It's slightly speckled with glitter which suits my 'glitterometer' nicely, but still manages to say 'I'm feeling grown up today.' (Who am I kidding..I will never grow's all a nail polish front!) As with all Essie polishes, the wide brush means that I can paint my nails in minimal time, which suits me just fine at the moment in all of my busy work woes. 3 coats does it perfectly for me, a quick coat of OPI RapiDry, a spray of Orly SpritzDry and I'm on my way to mark some homework in serious quick time. I highly commend Essie for creating such ease - for the working woman, you're a dream!

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments on my last post about giving in my notice on my current job. It's amazing to hear how many people have done a similar thing, or feel like they should be trying something new too. Kinda comforting when you feel very confused about the whole process. I'm just hoping I get some interviews soon. Keep your (nicely painted) fingers crossed for me!

PS - for all my fellow Disney obsessives, here's the original version of 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' from The Little Mermaid. Lots of it is similar, but bits that were cut explained a little further why Ursula was banished. Because it includes the original storyboards, the music is basically like rehearsal music, with a fabulous synthed piano as backing. Give it a listen!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. This is a gorgeous colour. It's a shame you've been so manic lately, I hope you get some successful interviews soon! x

  2. This looks gorgeous! i love Essie colours but i only own one, i think i'll rectify this soon! xx

  3. It looks great! Will have to try it next time :)

  4. Ah this is such a gorgeous colour. Getting addicted to Essie polishes at the minute!

  5. such a pretty colour, especially whilst the weather still isn't great! x

  6. its gorgeous colour! reminds me of malice by chanel, will have to check it out, might be easier on the wallet xmoira

  7. Pretty


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