Clarins Skin Illusion Liquid Foundation

4 March 2013






It's only Monday and already we have two close ups of my face. Alas I know my eyes are not aligned, and it has bugged me as long as I can remember, but you know me, and showing the product working is my priority on this blog. 

Remember last October when I sung praises for the Clarins Skin Illusion Powder Foundation? Well I decided I loved it so much that last month, I bought the liquid version. Excessive? Maybe. But powder and liquid foundations give such different finishes and blend differently into the skin, so it was worth me burning plastic to find out if it was as good as it's powdery sister. Powder foundations give a more matte finish and I love a bit of dewy glow.

So. Standard Clarins packaging and looks great. That's all we need to know about that. Pump works well and you get a decent amount with each pump. Consistency of the foundation is kind of between a gelly liquid and a creme, but don't be put off by this - it blends easily and buffs out perfectly using a Real Techniques buffing brush. This is a medium coverage which is as far as I like to go with foundation. Anything more than medium and I feel like I've got a full face of childs face paint, and this foundation buffs and covers so well that it hardly feels like you have anything on. It's buildable too, and seeing as February appeared to be a rather blotchy with the occasionally spottiness month for me, it worked it's magic and hid all my nasties perfectly. Formula is suited to dry to normal skin types so this may not be one for oilier skins, but as a dry skinned gal, my skin has felt hydrated and well looked after whilst wearing this. Lasting power is pretty damn good too. I can put this on at 7.30am and when I take my makeup off in the evening, there it is on my cotton pad saying 'hope I did a fine job today!' Yes, yes you did. It's got a liiittle bit of SPF in at SPF 10 so you don't get too much flashback in photos, and the fragrance is fresh and almost fruity.

As a pair, the Clarins Skin Illusion powder and liquid foundations are favs in my foundation drawer. Granted, you do need to use them for different types of day - I've been wearing the liquid foundation when I want guaranteed coverage for many hours, and using the powder on days where I may just be popping to the shops, walking the dog, and not so bothered about having the extra dewy finish. It's £26 a pop too, which is just about right for a good high end foundation and it gives the results I'd like. What more could I want? (apart from Daniel Craig to leave Rachel Weisz and realise he's truly in love with me.)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ah this sounds lovely and looks so radient on your skin! But alas my skin is oilier than Snapes hair so definitely not one for me. You look so fresh though :) xx

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  2. looks beautiful!x

  3. This is one of my faves in terms of foundation, looks beautifull on you

  4. Your skin looks lovely x

  5. its a lovely foundation do you think it would work with a tan for summer ?

    1. It may be a tad heavy for summer - you could mix one pump with a tinted moisturiser to give a lighter fresher look!

  6. This looks stunning on you :) x

  7. This foundation sounds amazing. I love a foundation that gives good coverage without leaving my skin feeling cakey!

    Great review :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  8. This sounds lovely! It looks great on your skin too :)
    Carissa xx
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  9. Looks lovely :) Clarins is always so brilliant for makeup :) x

  10. You're soooo beautiful , great post xx


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