Kale Crisps

20 February 2013


Newsflash -  you can actually have crisps as a healthy snack..no kidding! These aren't potato crisps though..these are kale crisps made out of curly kale. Kale can be a bit forgotten about as a vegetable - my Mum is one of the only people I've come across who will serve kale with roast dinners, or with pan cooked tuna. I hope you're all not turning your noses up instantly because it's a leafy green..give this wonder a chance ;) It's extremely flavoursome and here are just some of the good things in kale:

It is packed full of:

*vitamin A
*vitamin B6
*vitamin C
*vitamin K
*an 100g serving gives you 34 calories...100g!

Not only is it super healthy for you (it's considered a bit of a super vegetable) but it helps to lower cholesterol, can reduce heart disease and helps to prevent cataracts in the eyes. I'd also like to remind you of the fact that 100g is only 34 calories. A healthy persons dream food no?

Victoria Beckham has been known to munch on these kale crisps because they have pretty much zero fat in them, and do I blame her? No. Kale when roasted is so flavoursome and the health benefits are too good to miss. Plus, it's guilt free snacking then. I always snack on these in the office or if I need an afternoon munch to get me through to dinner.

What you need:

Oil/1 Cal Oil Spray
Choice of seasoning


How to make them

Preheat oven to 180 degrees (gas mark 4)

*Wash and dry your kale making sure any excess water is gone - this will make sure they're nice and crispy when baked.

*Chop the leaves into crisp size pieces - quite often, the kale is already broken into perfect sized pieces anyway, but if you buy your kale from the greengrocers, make sure you pull the leafy part away from the stalk.

*Sprinkle with oil or if you prefer low calorie then 1 calorie spray is perfect for this (I use low cal spray but these are seriously yummy with garlic infused oil drizzled over!)

*Season - you can season them with so many things so be creative! I'm using sea salt and lemon as that's what I fancy today, but you could use garlic, pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli etc the list goes on!

*Roast for 12ish minutes but keep checking! There's a fine line between the kale crisps being crispy and yummy, and being too overdone. They should be a rich green, but not overly done. They're quite delicate so handle with tlc ;)

Then you can eat to your hearts desire. Guiltless snacking, it takes no time at all and the health kick is massive...what more could you want from an afternoon snack?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I love youuuuu, thanks for posting this tams, looking forward tontrying these out! Xx

  2. You literally just sold kale crisps to me! I love vegetable crisps but I barely get 5 a week, let alone in a day - hopefully I will try these and love them! :)



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