New Look Chelsea Boots

14 February 2013





The other week, my partner was home from work for a couple of days during the weekday which is a real rarity. It was so comforting knowing that at the end of a busy, tiring day at work that he'd be there waiting when I got home, not to mention Max having company during the day (as well as masses of walks!) which is always reassuring. One morning he said he was popping to town to buy some new running bits and bobs and then he'd be taking the dog for a run. When I got back, there were these lovely boots waiting for me on the bed. I think he'd seen me eyeing them up in New Look and now they were mine! They're a Chelsea style boot with a zipper on the inside and quite a thick block heel and are unbelievably comfy. Because of the material, they seem to pick up dust and dirt a little, but it seems to give them a more worn look which I really like, and I've just been using a baby wipe on them when I want to clean them.

He took the label off them before I was back, but I think they were between £29.99 to £35 maybe. I can't find them on the website now but they still might be in stores. So just a reminder ladies...sometimes men do note your shoe size!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Love a bit of Chelsea boot action, these are lovely.

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    Charlotte Lewis


  2. Aww how sweet of him! These are super lush, smart but stylish! xx

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  3. Ahh I love them I went to buy them a couple of weeks back but of course they didn't have my size only the size now Or next size up ha!

  4. Aw how sweet of him to treat you! I love them :) xxx.

  5. I have these and love them! They're so comfy :) xx

  6. Aww that's so cute, they are gorgeous boots :)

  7. Awh what a lovely man! He must be very attentive! My husband wouldn't have a clue at what i'd been eyeing up in the shops lol! These look great, what a nice treat to come home to after work! :)

    Hannah xx
    Bella and Roscoe

  8. Aah, that's so sweet of him. Lovely boots, really like the little platform on them :) x

  9. Lovely pics!! You are pretty :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  10. Aww I've wanted these Boots since way before Christmas. They stocked them in my local Newlook but sold out of my size straight away and they never seemed to come back in.

    That's lovely of your boyfriend. Mine always attempts gestures but would get the wrong size or something, bless him.



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