Marshmallow Therapy

2 February 2013




We all have those bad days where you just think, 'where, why and what am I doing?' You might doubt your job, your direction in life, the people you know, relationships etc, and I had one of those on Thursday. One of the only ways I know to make myself feel a little better on those days is a long bubble bath, to paint my nails, watch Disney and do lots of singing, as well as having a good cry and a snuggle with the dog. I went to bed feeling pretty crap, and I don't usually get down too often so I really was quite sad. Fortunately, the next day, we were taking some of our girls on a retreat as a school trip. We did lots of walking, talked about nature and spend lots of time reflecting on our lives and the people in it - the trip seemed to come at a good time and I was so glad I was one of the staff to go. By the afternoon, I was feeling a lot better - I'd had a laugh with my colleagues and the students and we finished the day by roasting marshmallows over a makeshift bonfire. The girls went a bit snap happy with my camera and started taking tons of photos (I now have loads of closeups of their faces to delete..classic!) but as you can see, we were all wrapped up toasty warm in huge hoodies and gilets, and at the end of a long day, it was just the treatment we all needed I think.

I came home after the retreat and was so mentally and physically knackered that I fell asleep for 3 hours, but the end result is a happy and refreshed Tamsin. My challenge for you all this weekend if you fancy it is to go for a nice walk in this lovely sunny weather and see what you get out of it - marshmallow toasting is compulsory for all ;)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Aww I miss toasting marshmallows! I'm glad it cheered you up xx

  2. Aw Tamsin, if you ever need someone to chat to when you're feeling blue you know where I am! :) i know what you mean about being outdoors making you feel better. It must be the fresh air! Xxx

  3. They look so good, I've never toasted mallows x

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  4. Sorry to hear you were feeling down :( but glad you're feeling better. I can't say I've ever toasted marshmellows but I do have them in hot chocolate with loads of cream, does that count :) x


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