Hear Muffs

21 February 2013


Believe it or not, I actually quite enjoy chilly weather. Not rainy chilly weather though. I like it when the Winter sun is beaming down, it instantly changes your mood for the day, you get to wrap up warm in your fav coat and accessories and feel the chill on your face when you step into a toasty warm Starbucks. However, I suffer from severe windchill in my ears. The pain is horrendous and I can only describe it as having ice cubes stuffed into your ear drums and them melting slowly. It is naaat nice. I'm usually found with my Michael Kors earmuffs on to counteract this but it does make it difficult to listen to music when you're on the go.



Hear Muffs* seem like the perfect solution then, no? They're basically knitted ear muffs with secret headphones inside, so you can incorporate listening to your fav tunes on your morning commute into work/school but also keep your ears toasty warm. They sit on the back of your head so as not to mess up the hair (huge thumbs up from me for this..nothing like perfecting your hair with the ultimate volume and then having ear muffs flatten it straight down.) Other features are an adjustable headband, they fold up into your handbag (another big thumbs up) and have volume control on the cord. Mine are in black but they also come in a variety of different colours if you fancy something a bit brighter. All you need to do is plug them into any phone, iPod, iPad, or similar and you're ready to brave the brutal Winter chill. They're only £9.95 too. Can you say bargain?


I've loved using them and they've become a staple for me whenever I'm on the tube or wandering around town shopping. No more windchill complete with listening to my fav tunes..what's not to love? Plus, Max is a big fan too. How can you say no?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Oh my lordddddd that pic of Max is cute overload!!!

    I really love the idea of these, I don't really like walking round with earphones in because I think it can look a bit rude but these are perfect!! cute aswell!!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  2. I never ever listen to music on the go but if I did I'd definitely get a pair of these. I like to keep my ears nice and warm too :)

  3. Ahh, sorry to hear you suffer with severe windchill in your ears, that does sound painful! Yay for Hear Muffs thouggh!! xx

  4. I get really bad windchill in my ears too, I find it feels like they're cracking open... hard to explain but I feel your pain! I also ALWAYS listen to music on the go and find if you wear earphones with muffs over the top its actually very painful so these are the perfect solution, cant believe I've never heard of them before.

    And HOW CUTE they look on you AND Max <3 xx

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  5. I actually was gifted a similar UGG pair for Christmas but have rather naughtily not wore them yet, you've inspired me to get them on my ears now...wind chill in your ears is a bitch!

    Hannah www.cagneyandlace.com

  6. I have severe windchill too! It makes me hate going outside when it's super cold! These look really cosy and warm :)





  7. oh thats so great! i never knew they existed! i dont need them now that i got back to morocco but they would've been a great accessory when i was in england! it's a great find anyways!

  8. Those are quite handy! And your dog looks cute wearing them :)



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