Dior Addict Voluptuous Lipcare in Crystal

4 February 2013




Some beauty items can always be cheap and cheerful, but all us have the urge to splurge - don't pretend you don't because you do. There is nothing nicer than walking away from a makeup counter with an item you've just bought knowing you probably didn't need it or it was way more than you intended to spend, but quite frankly, you don't really care (every time I buy makeup I have this feeling - I'm not even guilty about it).

When we talk about lip balm, most people reach for the Carmex, Vaseline, maybe even the Revlon Lip Butters if we're pushing the boat out. However, lets forget pushing the boat out and go for a full cruise liner. Dior Addict Voluptuous Lipcare Lip Balm is one of my more extravagant splurges. I bought it in 'Crystal' which is a pinky pale shade and no glitter at all. At the heart of it all, it's a clear-ish lip balm, so the more penny savvy of you may think that you'd rather stick to the Vaseline, but this is a bit more of an intensive lip treatment. The formula has extra nourishing oils to help keep the lips in tip top shape, and it's a rather concentrated formula meaning you get a slight plumped effect. Texture is silky smooth, it keeps my lips hydrated for hours at a time and I've never found that it dries them out at all, which I find that some higher end lip balms can do.

I've been wearing this on the days I go for a heavier eye - smoky eyes and a nude lip, but a more natural nude, and this is where this lip balm comes in. The hint of pale pink is enough to give it the teeeeniest bit of shine and colour but it still means your lip stays natural. How many of you are going to cough on your afternoon caramel macchiato when I say that it's £24? Quite a few I'm sure, but remember that this was a splurge of mine, and in my defence (not that I need one), it's less pennies than the popular By Terry Baume De Rose which is £35. I've used this intensively since buying it and it still holds the true Dior packaging style which is an added bonus. Yes it's a few more pennies than a £1.20 tin of Vaseline, but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and go for something that costs a little more - I've never found a lip balm I love more!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. wow this looks gorgeous! Why not spend a little extra on something that lasts and makes you feel and look so awesome! xx

  2. Oooh, that's so gorgeous!

    Jayde xo

  3. So pretty!


  4. looks gorgeous


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  5. The packaging alone is worth the £24! I really want to try one of their lip products, or any products actually!

    http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  6. This sounds amazing, and the packaging is so pretty :) xx

  7. this looks so beautiful! x


  8. I love the packaging of this, it's beautiful! And makes me want it even more
    Daniella x


  9. I really want this, it looks so pretty. x

  10. This is so pretty, I love Dior lip products
    Carissa xx
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