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12 February 2013



Time is limited and we're all busy bees in this day and age. It can be difficult to stop and put everything to one side, and spend a little time relaxing and reading, but I've been trying to do more of this recently. One of my Christmas presents just gone was a Kindle Fire and I've been loving using it and downloading books. It's more of a tablet than an E-Reader but it has the best of both and it's served me well so far. Today, I nipped to Costa and sat and read for 40 minutes whilst drinking my skinny latte on my own. It felt like utter uninterrupted bliss. It also seems to make my reading even faster than it already was (and I read stupidly fast!) and there's something very satisfying about seeing how far along in the book you are, ie fist pumping to the sky when you realise you've read over half a book in no time at all - total superhuman reader oui?

In the last few weeks, I've read a couple of books but my favourite has got to be Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. Ok, it's your typical feel good cry a little romance book, but it's great to snuggle up with on the sofa and you go to bed remembering that fuzzy feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship, but also the need to turn the Kindle back on and carry on reading because you're so gripped. Nicholas Sparks is the author of The Notebook, Dear John and The Lucky One so he's well known for the typical love story, but Safe Haven has a real scary twist to it and I found myself gawping in horror throughout lots of it. Definitely worth a read!

If you've any Kindle recommendations, please do let me know!

Other bits and bobs I've been enjoying is the various Disney quiz games I've downloaded, and I'm sure you're not surprised that I'm an actual pro.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I love your case, where's it from? I got a kindle toooo xxx

  2. I too love sitting in coffee shops and reading. It's so lovely to cosy up somewhere warm and let your mind wander for a few hours! I also love my kindle :) I'm reading The Night Circus at the moment, I'd recommend it :)


  3. I love my Kindle! It's not as fancy as the Fire (I've got the keyboard one) but they're so good! Especially for holidays! I know what you mean when you mention the satisfaction of seeing how much you've read in a short time. The percentage read down the bottom on the Kindle is great!

    I've never thought about popping to Costa on my own with a good book / e-book! I think i will though, it sounds so relaxing.

    I'm not sure what kind of books you're into, but if you like soppy girly reads then i really liked "Monday to Friday Man" by Alice Peterson, more crying and thought provoking i really liked "My Sisters Keeper" - Jodi Picoult, but you've probably read that already, everyone has!

    Sorry for the essay comment!

    Hannah xx

  4. Loved this post, so refreshing :) I've never thought about doing that, partly because my local Costa is so busy but I love reading book recommendations as I haven't stuck my head into a good book for too long! xo

  5. I love my Kindle :) I have read so many books recently!
    Carissa xx
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