Caring for your Halo Hair Extensions

11 February 2013


As mentioned previously in my last Halo Hair Extensions post, I wear extensions for added volume and not length - I currently have the 16" clip in extensions which are now slightly shorter than my real hair length, but sometimes I want a slightly fuller ponytail or bun, and that's where my Halo Hair Extensions are winners. Looking after your extensions are important though - you should treat extensions as if they were your real hair. So here's my little guide to keeping the locks looking lush:

* Like your own hair, extensions need to be shampooed and conditioned. This is especially important if you wear your extensions a lot. If you forget this step, the hair will become lank and you will see a build up of impurities around the clasp - you wouldn't leave your own hair unwashed so don't forget your extensions! As I don't wear my extensions daily, I don't need to wash them as much, but when I do, I use my normal shampoo and conditioner, and always wash in a downhill motion. Afterwards, I dry them (downward motion again!) with my hair dryer.

* Store your extensions kindly. It would be mean and a waste of money to just throw them in a draw somewhere. You can buy hair extension cases very cheaply, and that way they will be kept secure and tidy, and they won't be at all damaged.

* Styling your hair with extensions is easy, but remember to be kind with them. Excessive curling and hairspray will shorten the life of your extensions so remember that as they aren't cheap! If I do style, I always use the products I would on my real hair, such as a heat spray and a serum.

* I also clean the clips regularly as that's the main part of the extensions that is in contact with your scalp. Dead skin cells, grease and other impurities? Definitely not! I use baby wipes on days I don't wash the extensions, but otherwise, the shampoo will do the trick.

If you're new to extensions or were thinking about getting your hands on some Halo extensions, hopefully this will shed some info on aftercare. It really doesn't take much time to keep them looking lovely. I've had my current extensions for 5 months now and they're still in a brilliant condition. Halo also sell specific shampoo and conditioner, but I've found my normal products to be fine.

NB: If procrastinating with washing the extensions, you can always have fun and give yourself an extension beard or decorate your dog. Max is never impressed, but it never grows old.



-Tamsin xxx


  1. Id love extensions but I just dont know if I could splash out on them but halo seem like a good brand for them. Love how unamused Max looks haha so cute! xx

  2. Haha that last picture is a cracker. I'm really 50/50 about extensions, in the summer I seriously considered getting some because like you, I want added volume not length. But my hair is quite short and I just think they'd look so noticeable and I HATE when you can see girls extensions! I'd love to try some without having to buy them!!


  3. I've never worn extensions but this was a lovely review x

  4. I agree that taking care of your hair extensions is the same as taking care of your real hair. Although, it needs to be a bit more pampering because it does not produce natural oils. You should also air dry your hair extensions some time because too much heat from blow drying may damage the hair extensions as well. Max looks funny wearing your extensions. He looks unamused by it though.

    Elnora Touchstone


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