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11 January 2013

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Today I'm indulging in one of my new favourite companies called Parks London. I've always been a candle person since I was about 14 (despite my Mum's fears that I would burn the house down) but expensive candles never reached further than large Yankee Candle jars, which are still very much a favourite of mine. I only dabbled with the much raved about Diptyque and they were beautifully luxurious but wouldn't be a regular in my living room unfortunately because of the high price. However, I decided to splash out a little on this candle from Parks London as a treat to myself. Parks London pride themselves on 100% natural wax using all vegan ingredients from renewable sources, so you can make yourself feel good about yourself by burning a nature friendly candle whilst breathing in gorgeous! The candles come in a lovely gift box too which is always an added bonus. The candle I have burning is part of the 'Nature's Own' range in the scent 'Rejuvinating'. All the Nature's Own range have 6 natural and essential oils as part of the formula - 'Rejuvinating' includes Orange, Cedarwood and Black Pepper which seems to create one of the best smelling fragrances I've ever come across. The candles burn for approximately 60 hours which is on par with the top candle companies also.

Parks London candles will set you back £30 so it's still a bit of a splash out, but is cheaper than a lot of Diptyque candles so this could be one for your living room. My candle currently has pride of place on my mantlepiece, and I will be buying another when this one starts to run out, as well as possibly getting one for Mother's Day possibly. You find Parks London candles at their website where they do a huge range of candles and diffusers - definitely worth a look!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. i'm so addicted to candles at the moment! hadn't heard of these ones but they sound gorgeous xo

  2. I'm sure i found this in TK Maxx and gave it a sniff, it's a gorgeous scent! Definitely check in Tk Maxx because i'm so sure they had loads of Parks London candles there last time i went!

    Zoe |


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