Panache Lingerie and St Tropez Bronzed Bust Challenge

21 January 2013






Today's post is a bit of an 'ooh-la-la' lingerie one. Personally, I've always found finding pretty bras quite difficult as a lot of high street shops don't really go up past a D cup, and I'm of the fuller bust party at a size E. If I'm honest, I've always hated having a bigger bust as I'm only little, and I won't lie in saying I've considered breast reduction as I feel totally top heavy. However, I'm trying to deal with my insecurities and embrace my natural bust. If I had a pound for every time a girl has said to me 'I wish I had your boobs!' I would be a millionaire, so hey, I'm trying to make the best of what I've got. However, that still makes finding pretty bras a problem. Fortunately, there are a number of websites which are now catering for specific bust sizes, with Panache Lingerie being one of them. They sell an array of gorgeous bra sets by different companies from a D cup upwards, and they also have a great advice page for people who are unsure about bra fittings etc. Recently, Panache set me a challenge. One of their top tips for optimising and enhancing the chest area was by using fake tan/bronzer and they wanted to know my thoughts on this. Armed with my new Masquerade Balconnet Bra, some St Tropez and some exfoliating mitts, I got to work on my challenge.

Firstly, exfoliation - I used the mitts in the shower as suggested and they worked as expected. For people less used to fake tan, exfoliating before application is really important otherwise you will likely get a patchy or streaky tan due to build up of dead skin cells. The fake tan I would be using was from the St Tropez gradual tan range. I'm no stranger to this range and have been using these products since I was about 18. It's one of my favourite gradual tanners ever - no streaks, no dodgy smell and it gives a gorgeous natural glow, which is just what I want from a gradual tanner. I always apply my gradual tanner before bed after my shower and by the morning it gives a lovely glow. I usual top up this tan every 2 days to keep it looking fresh, and as it's gradual, it never looks too orange.

So, did I see a difference after applying the gradual tanner when wearing the bra? Self esteem wise, yes. I'd never noticed before how different I felt when I had gradual tan on my body. I'm a huge tan baby and love nothing more than holidaying and being tanned, and I get a real buzz off feeling good about myself when I'm tanned - I'd never noticed I had a similar feeling when I wore fake tan. I just had to step back, take a look at myself and have a think. I don't think I noticed any particular 'enhancing' effects from using the tan, but personally, if my self esteem improved because of it, then it's a total winner for me.

For any ladies reading this who may have had a similar situation like this, where you may not be entirely comfortable with your body or bust, then I'd like to promote this challenge to you too. Bras are important - spend the time to get fitted, treat yourself to one of the nicest bra's you've ever owned, apply the gradual tan if you would like (I would truly recommend St Tropez Gradual Tan) and take a step back and take the time to appreciate your body and your assets. Beauty really does start from within and self esteem is hugely important. I'd love to thank Panache Lingerie and Best British Bloggers for offering me this opportunity - it has really helped me more than I thought it ever would!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Beautiful bra

  2. Lovely post! Be proud to be who you are! :)

    F xx

  3. This is a lovely post! I struggle with finding pretty bras too (being an F cup) it's pretty much impossible to find good support with pretty fabrics, so i'll be checking Panache out for sure!

    I haven't thought about tan to help improve self esteem problems. i've never been one for fake tan, i always end up patchy (even with exfoliation!) so i tend to go for holidays / sun beds, which isn't always the best for your skin! I will maybe try a gradual tanner and see where that gets me!

    Hannah xx

  4. amazing post! I don't struggle with large breasts as I have small ones, but you seem so confident in yourself and it's inspiring. I hope you get more opportunities like this, you have a great blog and personality :)
    following you x

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