NARS 'TV Party' from the Andy Warhol Collection

28 January 2013




Believe me when I say I used to detest the colour orange. I disliked its tones and thought it clashed with my skin tone and hair - it was just a definite no-go for me. Last Summer however, I went a bit mad for orange shades on my about an episode of 'change your mind'! I loved the way it gave you a bit of a glow after a day in the sun or just with a basic outfit, it stood out a little more. When the Andy Warhol collection for NARS came out last Winter, it was this nail polish that caught my eye.

'TV Party' which is described as a 'vivid orange' is quite a toned down orange shade - compared to my fav Orly 'Melt Your Popsicle' which is a bright neon slap bang in the face orange, this is a lot more subtle, but still packs a punch. You can tell there's some red undertones in there which I think is what makes it a little different from other orange shades out there. Application is creme smooth and it's opaque within two coats, which I do love from a nail polish. I always apply a top coat after any nail polish application, but TV Party had such a glossy finish that it may not have been necessary. Lasting power is worth every penny - I wore this on my holiday to Cape Verde and it lasted the whole week beautifully, and that's complete with dealing with sand, sun, sea and chlorine - the end result is me feeling smug that I don't have to waste precious holiday time applying a new colour to my nails. Win.

You can still buy TV Party and the other colours from the Andy Warhol collection for £14.00. My love affair with the colour orange continues - I'm still not perfectly comfortable with wearing it in the form of clothing or shoes, but bags and nails I am very much overly comfortable with. Thumbs up to TV Party - you're helping me in my conversion process!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. What a beautiful shade

  2. This colour is gorgeous, I love how bright it is x

  3. this is such a beautiful color ! especially for spring and summer ! I just found your blog and absolutely love it , I'm a new follower

    x Liyana

  4. This shade is seriously up my street, I love a colour that packs a punch and this really does. I've never bought a Nars nail polish before but you've tempted me now.

    I've just discovered you're blog and love the style!

    Hannah Check out my Neom candle giveaway.

  5. I love orange nails. this is a gorgeous shade. x

  6. Thats a very tasteful shade of orange. Reminds me of the orange on my coffee maker.

    Perfect for spring, brighten things up! :)

    Take care, thanks for sharing x

  7. i used to hate orange too but seeing it on other people makes me want to try it out! love that shade of orange

    hope you'll visit back

  8. Amazing colour! xo

  9. Oh wow, such an amazing colour!

    Jennie xo |


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