Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Black Drama mascara

19 January 2013





Recently, my Boots points card was telling me to go and buy any mascara and I'd get lots of seeing as I was practically being forced, I did. After liking the last Maybelline mascara I'd bought (Colossal Cat Eye), I decided to pick up 'The Falsies Volum' Express' in Black Drama. Seeing as mascara is something I use every day without fail, an affordable, high street priced mascara is always on my list of 'must haves.'

As with most of the Maybelline mascaras, the tube is pretty much the same as the rest of the collection. Aesthetically, I love the bright fuchsia tube and the lace detailing, but we all know it's the formula that counts ladies. The wand is slightly bigger than I usually go for. I love plastic wands, but this is a fuller brush (although not huge) with extra fibres on to help emphasize length. Maybelline call this wand a 'spoon wand' because it's slightly curved to help fan out lashes. Using the wand was easy as pie. I have naturally long lashes so I have to be careful when applying mascara as it can end up on my eyelid, but with careful application I had no problem with this. From first coat, you should see a good mascara coating - if you like a minimal day/work look with natural mascara, one coat would do it with this mascara I think. However, in the photo above, I'm wearing 3 coats because I do like a full 'va-va voom' effect with my lashes. I found that you have to let the mascara dry slightly in between coats or you will get a little clumping, but just take your time, as I found the results to be great and true to the 'false look' claim. Cons? I did find you get fall out as the day goes on which is one of my hates about mascaras. However, despite the fall out, my lashes stayed lifted, curled and full throughout the majority of the day.

I've decided that this mascara is actually a great alternative to false lashes, so Maybelline, I'll give you a gold star for your 'false effect' claim. However, the fall out is a bit of a thumbs down for me. This mascara has a firm place in my mascara draw for the future and I would buy it again but only if it was on offer or if Boots forces me to buy it again (oh Boots you bad influence you!). I'd love to know if any of you have tried this mascara? People with shorter lashes might want to look into this mascara I think! You can pick it up at Boots for £7.99.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I don't have particularly long lashes and this works great on me! Definitely one of my favourite mascaras :) xo

  2. Your lashes look amazing and you have such beautiful eyes (: xx

  3. gorgeous :) <3

  4. It's been my go-to mascara lately! I love it. I bought it in waterproof and it won't budge, even with my strongest makeup remover. I'll pick up the original one next time!

  5. Gorgeous eyes! Lovely blog, definitely following now. :)



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