MAC Sunny Seoul

23 January 2013




I'm partial to a MAC lipstick, and partial to peachy pink on Sunny Seoul, I was sold from the minute I swatched it. Sunny Seoul was part of the Cremesheen and Pearl collection that was out around last September time and all the colours were to my liking - lucky for us, the collection is permanent! The collection is 'infused with crushed pearl for a shimmery formula' but don't fret about major shimmer lips because it's actually not at shimmery as you'd think. For me, Sunny Seoul gives that perfect ratio of pink and peach mashed together (it's slightly more toned down than Everhip for example), and as it's a cremesheen formula, it's smooth and silky to apply. Staying power can be hit and miss with cremesheen formulas which is their one downside, but I've found Sunny Seoul to be a real trouper during the day. I truly can't wait to wear this in the spring months.

I think my favourite thing about Sunny Seoul is that it's like a normal cremesheen formula but with a slight twist of a pearl iridescent. Other than that, it's the fact I feel I'm able to attempt to sing Gangnam Style whilst pretending I'm Korean...the lipstick is basically telling me too!Also added is a photo of Max jumping into the camera. He always has to get involved and try and photobomb me whilst I'm taking blog photos, and although it's a bit blurry, it's cute, AND you can see how nice Sunny Seoul is again. Does anyone else have any photobombing dogs? Rascals!

-Tamsin xxx


    And that color is stunning!!
    - Andrea Marie xx

  2. I've got this and never worn it *goes to dig it our of my stash!!*

    Looks great on you

    Stacey xxx xxx

  3. That shade looks beautiful on you! It warms your complexion up but is still so wearable xx

    A Little Beauty Luxury

  4. My dog is a massive photo bomber! I think it's a terrier thing! ;)

    This looks lovely on you! It's never a colour i would pick from the tube but it looks so much nicer on the lips!

    Hannah xx
    Bella and Roscoe

  5. Gorgeous colour, looks like an all year shade. Max is adorable, bless him :) x

  6. Gorgeous color for spring!

    xoxo Chris

  7. Ahh Tamsin! The new picture on your blog is SO BEAUTIFUL! :D loving ittttt. Aw Max looks absolutely adorable & i need to get my hands on this lippie! xxx

  8. Haha no photobombing dog in my life but my cat is a real pro ;) I've been lusting after this lipstick for ages... one of these days I'll pick this little beaut up for myself!!



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